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well we've been working hard the last couple of months. We've been practicing and writing new songs and we're almost ready to go back to the studio and put down a new ep, we may even do exclusive vinyls for this one too but just keep posted on our pages and just watch for updates and come out to our shows for ultra exclusives and get your pull of The Introspective


the eye there watching, a commerce of pain, weight of the proles, down to the earth cast, our heavenly father, a host of seraphim, my kingdom for a kiss, i make you sacred

the eye within

It's obviously the laws of nature in action, but where human consciousness can ascribe significance, it will. Relative to the cumulative experience of all humankind, it draws on and reacts to the source of all experience directly through the context sensitive so-called akhashic record. All anthropomorphic manifestations are merely echos in the subtle waves that lap the shores of history. Seasons dictate far more than we give them credit for. A hand, a heart girt, a hummingbird. If as above so below, then as macro so micro. If the kingdom of heaven is within you, then you are the god of the kingdom of heaven. This is my anthropomorphic interpretation of our apostate times.