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It is very fitting that Miami based Blowfly (aka Clarence Reid) headlines the final night of the Fiesta. The pioneering nasty rapper has a five decade-plus career that has ranged an early gig as Huey “Piano” Smith’s driver, followed by success as songwriter for Betty Wright, Sam & Dave and KC & The Sunshine Band among others, to his metamorphasis as the superhero-masked slinger of four-letter rhymes. Blowfly has never been afraid to push buttons but his sometimes misogynistic wordplay is tempered by self-effacing humor that comes off as good natured and always leaves a smile on the audience’s face. While in Austin he will also complete work on his 2016 release for Saustex 77 Rusty Trombones.

Cunto! and Pocket FishRmen are perpetual ACLF faves. The former play an off-the-wall, jamboree on acid form of “Street Grass” that at times recalls the Fugs, while the FishRmen are Austin’s favorite sci-fi hyper-kinetic punk metal act with topical concept albums, the two latest of which examine face-eating chimps and prostate cancer, respectively.

The Hares play an updated and manic New Orleans R&B informed style of rock’n’roll while the Monterrey spawned Peyote MX play an off-kilter brand psychedelic proto-punk.

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