Summer is NO bummer

Busy June for NAC that spilled over into July! Played six shows in five weeks! I think we hit every venue in Charlotte-sometimes twice! We're taking time,now, to finish writing and record tracks for our up coming full-length album. We expect a release this fall. We are also hitting the road and taking our rage beyond the Queen City, so look for us in places like Asheville, Richmond, GA, and FL in the future!

Weekend Recap

Whaut's Shakin'? We have been tearing it up lately! Untill a week ago our last show was mid-April; we took the rest of the month plus may off to write for our up-coming full-length. Starting 2 June we have been busy with shows around Charlotte; three in the last two weeks, one upcoming on the 15th and we finish out the month with a nice one, so if you're in the area, be on the look-out! July will mark our first year as a band and plan to go into the studio. The rest of the summer we will be looking to break out of the I-485 loop and strike out of town! thanks for the support, stay tuned and we'll see you soon!

New Song!

A New track with Tiff's vocals! Heads Down! Get some!

This week

NAC has been busy the last few months. Since we came together in July, we busted out some songs, recorded a demo EP, played some shows, found a singer, played more shows, got some merch rollin'. Now we are taking a little break from playing out so we can focus on writing and get to kicking out a full-length. The next show we have on tap is mid April, the 18th. However, last night, NAC took a field trip to Tommys Pub to watch the Strummers. We had a blast! And the Stummers invited us up to play a song, so that was our last gig for a while!


We got some merch for you available from the band's mailorder. 3-song CD $4 24oz Koozie $5 2 Buttons and sticker $3 T-shirt $10 All prices are postage paid! PayPal to noangercontrol@gmail.com