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Taking Chances officially releases in 2015

The official release of the album " Taking Chances " by O28 Music is set for 2015 . I'll be posting links for where this album will be available for digital download . No plans right at this moment for a physical cd release of the album as the funds just weren't there at this time as an independent artist to be able to release it both ways like I was originally planning on , but it might be available in the future that way in addition to the online download that will currently be offered .

Rise To Power's official Local & National TV debut Saturday March 15th.

RISE TO POWER will be making it's official Local & National TV debut at this event Saturday March 15th. to launch things off as the theme song for " Rise To Power IV " brought to you by the one and only " Gladiators of the Cage " & Epic Leap Entertainment . This song was professionally produced by Harry Hess & Hbomb mixing and Mastering services .

Lot's of places this tune also will be available for download ( iTunes , Google Play , Amazon Mp3 , Rhapsody , etc. ) I'll be posting links once the song activates on those sites and more !

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" New Album " details will be posting soon !

Thank you everyone for all of the love & support for the music . Finishing up some final details and then new album announcements will be posting ! The album " Taking Chances " is projected to be released in 2014 and with this next album being released like my previous released album which was a totally self funded effort there will be various levels of the release made available as funding expands and becomes available to be able to do so .