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another year another beer

2017 saw us record a cd, play with Bloodshot Bill, Left Lane Cruiser, and Freight Train Rabbit Killer!!!

2018 we start of 2 shows back to back, improvising new material with our new drummer, and tweaking our gear to keep the music coming rude and raw!

summer is going great!!!

BCB just nailed a show at the Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids MI with LEFT LANE CRUISER, who have definitely been a big source of inspiration for us.... at the show we were interviewed by Farmer John, founder of the Cowpie Music Fest in Alaska Michigan. ... that was one bad ass show indeed!

Our next show is with Abram Gunther & the Bear-A-Tones and should be a pretty crazy riot of sound and brews... the Tube Socks are also playing, along with the Fabulous Vans.... this has been a great summer and we are looking forward to a few private shows to wind things down for the summer.

Recording, shows, and a live interview

Eric Engblade hosted Scott on his Sunday Songwriters Facebook live broadcast this week, the url is below.

Our self produced demo is coming alog nicely, and is about 80% done. Downloads and cd's will be available soon.

a few new shows have been added to the show dates, and a few more are in the works.


2017 brings new life

Our 2017 line up is now officially a 4 man operation. We have started laying down tracks in the studio with our new bassist as we ramp up to speed for a few live shows this spring.... we've been working on some new material as well... looking forward to sharing it all with the world real soon.

return of Black Cat Bone...again

We have been playing on and off as a band since 2011. By keeping BCB as a minimalist blues project we have been able to work as a band when times were right, and dissipate when our lives take our attention elsewhere for long periods.

This ebb and flow of the creative process, and the rotation of band members throught the years has shaped BCB into an intuitive and reactive creature....musically speaking.

October 2016 brought about the circumstances for us to return with the formation of BCB as a 3 piece band. Centered on the songwriting of guitarist/vocalist Scott Warren, the band roster is now rounded out by the addition of David Schofiled on drums, and Edwin Root on harmonicas/guitar.

In addition to revamping the original material, the band is exploring new territory with the implementation of a "new" guitar tuning inspired by some our favorite cigar box guitar players out there plying their trade across America.

Shows and recordings to come in the following months....stay tuned for details