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Shreveport, LA - The Riverside Warehouse - 4/9/10 - ROBBED

Friday, April 9th, 2010 Riverside Warehouse Shreveport, LA Pyr•rhic victory (pĭr'ĭk) n. A victory that is offset by staggering losses. We were all piled into Gladys, our van, by just after noon. The cooler was packed full of meat, cheese, and beverages. We were all looking forward to a fantastic weekend in Louisiana, home to some of our most supportive fans. We travelled steadily and without incident all the way through Texas, a rarity indeed for this band. We made it to the club in Shreveport right on schedule, and we even had time to go have dinner with our friend Sean Wright. He manages an El Chico restaurant there, and he hooked us up with a fantastic free meal (a thing so beautiful it will make your average rock band well up with tears). Full of good Mexican food, we proceeded back to the club, and had time to have drinks and hang out with many of our best friends in the region. We took the stage around midnight, and felt like we played a great show. The crowd was very supportive, and they showed it with their generous applause and shots of Jagermeister. We were all pretty euphoric after the whole affair. Then, as we were gathering our amps and guitars, Dane walked back onto the stage. He looked uncomfortable. “Did…any of you guys…move the van?” The answer, of course, was no. Nobody had moved our van. Well, no member of the band had moved that van, that is. Our van was gone, vanished from the spot where we had parked. Along with the trailer. Along with our belongings. Along with three laptops. We prayed it was towed, and anxiously settled in to watch the video from the club’s security cameras. There was no camera directly aimed at Gladys in the spot where she had been parked, but there was a camera which had a panoramic view of the entrance to the club. And that was the camera we watched. And the van appeared. But, there was no tow-truck leading the way. The van simply pulled alongside the front of the club, took a left into a parking lot, stopped for a bit, and took off into the night. Stolen. A doorman next door confirmed that the driver was a white female, with black hair, and a “cute ass”. He saw her get out in the parking lot, look over the van, and drive off calmly. The van had been locked, with no keys left inside. Which means this woman was able to break into our van, hotwire it, and lift it from a well populated city street. All while we played a rock show. The police, although nice, were not very encouraging or comforting. Phrases were uttered such as, “Well, this is Louisiana.” And, “We could put out an APB, but nobody is going to pay attention to it with all the shootings and stuff going on.” After hours of filling out mundane police forms, we gave up on the night. Thankfully, we had our great friends Leslie and Alexis (and her mom) to put us up and take outstanding care of us that night. They bought us soul soothing Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from Whattaburger. They even went to Wal-Mart and bought us each a bag full of toiletries and underwear. Those Wal-Mart bags would quickly become our new luggage. And, thank you so much to all the other great people that had to do us favors and help us out. And, so, Gladys is gone. Thank you Gladys for what you did for us. The smelly boys you let sully your interior. The dirty jokes you listened to politely. The places you carried us to on your back in the cheap shoes we gave you. As she tries to drive you into the lake, fair Gladys, may you blow one last tire, may your transmission grind to a halt, and may she curse the day she took you from us. Love, squint


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Dropped to 4th Place :( Help!

Hey everyone, Here is your Thursday update. Voting ends Friday, 6/13. Ashmore - 1073 Grenadier - 1020 Atash - 1010 Squint - 958 Dawn Over Zero - 923 Live Oak Decline - 651 tje - 611 Suzanna Choffel - 284 Joker - 226 Quite Company - 222 Estrum - 198 Bankrupt and the Borrows - 122 Dead Earth Politics - 98 Ryan T. Briggs - 75 The Modern Argiculture - 50 All other bands are below 50 votes.

Vote Update....

Hey everyone, Here is your Tuesday update. They have extended the voting until Friday, 6/13. squint - 845 Dawn Over Zero - 780 Grenadier - 616 Ashmore - 605 Live Oak Decline - 480 Atash - 455 Orange Peel Sunshine - 453 tje - 366 Suzanna Choffel - 265 Joker - 222 Estrum - 165 Quite Company - 113 Bankrupt and the Borrows - 113 Dead Earth Politics - 92 Ryan T. Briggs - 72 The Modern Argiculture - 50 All other bands are below 20 votes.

Vote Update!

Here is your Monday update. Voting ends June 11th. Dawn Over Zero - 731 Orange Peel Sunshine - 674 Squint - 635 Ashmore - 473 Grenadier - 444 Live Oak Decline - 399 Atash - 275 Suzanna Choffel - 217 tje - 184 Estrum - 156 Joker - 116 Bankrupt and the Borrows - 101 Dead Earth Politics - 83 Ryan T. Briggs - 53 The Modern Argiculture - 46 All other bands are below 20 votes.




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2/23/07 - Lafayette, LA - New Orleans Original Daiquiris

Going to southern Louisiana always holds the promise of getting hooked up by Christopher’s family. By the time we got there, Christopher’s dad already had the BBQ chicken fired up on the grill. We decided to get moving pretty quick after we ate, because we knew otherwise we were all going to be passed out in front of the TV. We were playing a daiquiri shop in Lafayette, and we had never been there before. The problem is that trying to find the right daiquiri shop in Lafayette is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Christopher got out at the first one we stopped at, and we were soon yelling at him to come back to the van when we realized it was the wrong place. We looked really cool. The weather was beautiful, which was a damn good thing, because New Orleans Original Daiquiris is an open-to-the-air venue. The vibe was kind of like playing on a beach. Made for a nice load-in, too. It was not a large establishment, though. Built For Speed and Southern 7 were on the bill with us, and between all of our trailers and equipment, it pretty much looked like we were trying to take the place over. Once again, the entire Oubre family came out for the show, providing a good vibe for the night. After we played, Matt went into the bathroom to take a leak. The men’s room had two urinals and a toilet. There was a guy standing at one of the urinals, and right away Matt could tell that he was a “talker”. This is probably a phenomenon only truly understood by men. A “talker” is a guy that decides to have a conversation with you, a complete stranger, while you are trying to piss next to him. The first sign of a talker is usually that when you walk into the bathroom, he will look over his shoulder and greet you while he is holding his junk in his hand. It’s a disconcerting way to be addressed. This, of course, is what happened to Matt, so he walked straight for the toilet and the relative privacy of the stall. Besides, it’s sort of guy-law that if you don’t have to stand next to the other dude in the bathroom, you don’t. This particular “talker” was not to be dissuaded. He immediately started an awkward conversation with Matt. “So…what’s the name of your band?” he asked. “Uh, squint,” Matt replied. “Swim?” “No, squint. Like squint your eyes.” “Ohhhh. You guys rocked!” “Thanks, man.” “Ummmm…can I…ummm…uh…ask you a personal question?” Oh no, Matt thought. Here comes the weirdness. “Sure, man, go ahead.” “Promise me you won’t get offended.” Great. Gonna be really weird. “Go ahead, man. I’m in a rock band.” “Ok, uhhhh…so….uhhh…how much cocaine did you guys do before the show?” Wow. ”None, man.” “No shit? Because…I did a LOT, and you guys are rocking way harder than me!” Ah, the strange compliments given to a guitar player. MVP: Christopher. He is an Oubre. Thanks to his dad and brother for feeding us and giving us a place to crash. Insight gained: One out of four Built For Speed members agree: Dane has a mighty fine one.

2/10/07 - Baton Rouge, LA - Click's

By know it probably seems like every third tour journal you read is about a Click’s. That’s not that far from the truth. This was, however, our first show at Click’s in Baton Rouge. We had been hearing a lot about the club for a long time, but somehow it never worked into our touring schedule to even play in Baton Rouge for years. That’s sort of sad considering we live in Louisiana, but stuff happens. We got our equipment loaded into the club and the first thing that we were happy to discover was that the stage was in a completely separate area of the club from the pool tables. That makes for a lot better experience. That way, you don’t have some 70 year-old redneck who is only there to play pool hassling you while you are on stage. Before we got to the rock, though, we had to get something to eat. Now, it’s a Click’s, so what do you think we found to eat nearby? Cici’s Pizza, of course. Unfortunately, it was the Cici’s from Hell. We know, we know…what Cici’s isn’t from Hell. But, this one was special, even by Cici’s standards. Screaming kids everywhere, people jammed into the place like cattle, mostly empty pizza tins on the buffet, used plates piling up all over the place, barely any clean utensils. So, why do we continue to eat Cici’s? Because, it’s all you can eat for five bucks. That’s a no-brainer when you are on a touring rock band’s budget. And some of the pizza is pretty good, if you can find a piece. Anyway, “rockstar” dinner completed, we headed back to Click’s for the rock show. We had plenty of friends and fans come out, including our ex-drummer Nate and his wife. We hadn’t seen them in a long, long time. A bunch of other friends showed up, too. People we hadn’t seen in forever. Strange how rarely we get to southern Louisiana. We played with two extremely talented bands, Revibe and Nothing More. Both had musicians that were capable of pulling off way more technical stuff than we would ever attempt to do. Our own show started a little slow, with some technical difficulties with the sound equipment, but we eventually found our rhythm and felt good about it by the time we were done. After the show we stayed with our friends, Heath and Katherine, and did the after-party thing with them and our other friends Wayne (Christopher’s brother) and Stephanie. We only got a few hours of sleep, because in the “morning” we headed over to have lunch at Tote’s fiancée’s parent’s house, where BBQ chicken, jambalaya, and sausage were prepared for us. MVPs: Heath and Katherine for giving us a place to stay, and Tote and family for hooking us up with the food the next day. Insight gained: Cici’s Pizza next to a Click’s is apparently becoming for squint shows what Taco Bell was in Demolition Man.