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Who dreamed being Star Quarterback, "Pigskin King"; song to hear!

It's finally here...Superbowl Sunday!! I've got the onion dip in the frig, keeping the adult beverages company, as they all chill in prep for Superbowl XLVII. This year's is truly special...don't know if/when it will ever happen again that two brothers square off as head coaches in the big game. Can you imagine the 'braggin' rights' at every family gather from here on out for the winning coach?!! Me, I'm just hoping for a competitive game where the better team wins (no controversial calls, etc.). I remember, as a kid, dreaming of becoming a professional football player. Like a lot of young boys, I thought "what would be cooler than that?!". Well, as my school years went on, I realized that I wasn't going to reach 6 feet tall. That wasn't all.... the time needed in the gym to workout was something I just wasn't motivated to do. I enjoyed playing the game, but I found that my interests were shifting more towards music (which would be equally as cool of a job that doesn't have the same odds of getting "killed" on a regular basis, etc.!). So, to celebrate the day (as well as my fellow dreamers!), I wanted to share this song with you that I wrote called "Pigskin King" (https://soundcloud.com/poplife-3/pigskin-king). I also have a "lyric video" put together for it on You Tube, but I'd really like to try and get photo's from fans to put together another video to help along it's message (of kids playing playing organized football-in uniform, etc.). If by chance you're reading this and might have interest, I've posted all that information in with the current You Tube video of the song, etc. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgPT3BddPsY) Ok, enjoy the game everybody!! PS-my prediction/final: 49ers 24-Ravens-21