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Check our gigs for the up coming months... TC, KZOO, A2, Marquette, and beyond... there is a ton of excellent live music coming your way followed by some spectacular studio sessions that are sure to please!!! Much Love... NORTH SHORE!

Say YA to da UP!!!

Look out Marquette, North Shore is bringin' the funk that's gonna tear down the house at Upfront & Company this Friday, January 13th! We're kickin' this year off with a bang on our first show in 2012, YA to da UP!

Happy Holidays!

Next stop... Traverse City!!! Our holiday New Year blowout!! Come on out and get funky with us @ Lil' Bo's on the 30th, then rootsrock your way down to the Loading Dock NYE and join the party with Rootstand, Medicinal Groove, and North Shore as we roll into 2012!!! See ya there and happy holidays from all of us here at North Shore.

A Kzoo Christmas...

Hey y'all! The Diggity is playing @ Papa Pete's on Saturday December 17th WSG/ Your's Truly, North Shore!!! Come on down and kick off your holiday vacations with some rockin' tunes and great people. We know all of you have been good this year, so don't be naughty, and join us for an awesome night!!!