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Who is in this band?

What a fxxxin' silly question you ask, dear RN. I wrote it down once here but YOU blxxxy bastard deleted it without any question, comment nor permission. And I really don't like your creepy musician's profiles. So it's still Fisher (git, fx) and Kally (b). I'm not sure who to name on drums - probably Fuerst Hagelfirn first as we played all latest sessions from Nov till Mar together. Thereby we created some really cool new stuff - let's hope we can catch some good takes in on of our May rehearsals. Last time we played with Animal on drums was Schweineburgrock in Sep 2013.

MTD played Burgrock, Sept-28

Big thanks to our fans, familys and hands. Special thanks to the headliner's sound technician Helge for helping us kindly.

News update Jul 2012

We luckily managed to survive the removal of our rehearsal studio so far. New ambience, new vibes ... exciting. Animal is sitting in an acryl cage now and we seriously beg for not feeding him.

News update Feb 2012

New album 'Tales of the cosmic shire' contains: 1 (Back to) Mothership, 2 The Gates, 3 King's wood, 4 Dungeon halls, 5 Alice in Nirvana, 6 Race with the devil, 7 Raumsound, and as a bonus 8 Space Herbertz feat. Chris the Machinist. Total playtime 72 minutes.