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LiLi - Final show "MISS INTERNET WORLD" 2011

LiLi - Final show "MISS INTERNET WORLD" 2011 http://www.missinternetworld.com/main.php

Soon new song with BRUCE LOWE

Soon new song with BRUCE LOWE

New album LiLi

New album LiLi http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/russia-hello-single/id421991597

LiLi Russia Hello

LiLi began her career on the Music scene just recently, but with most serious ambitions. LiLi performs songs in English, Spanish, French and English. LiLi recently begun working on an English language album, which already interested producers in the United States and Europe. It has 12 songs and group creativity of Russian and foreign authors. This songs were recorded in studios in Germany, Finland and Belorussia. In creativity, LiLi distinguishes herself among others, new trends in music, dance and positive rhythms, creativity of texts is provided by (author Andrey Aleksin). Although the LiLi recently appeared on the stage, she is a regular guest on various concert halls of Russia and abroad. And closely known, among private event, and clubs. LiLi has a bright temper, a winning appearance, primarily sexual, young, beautiful, smart, photogenic, and with professional training. LiLi is choreographic, artistic and able to entertain all audiences. For more information please visit my site @ www.LiLi-star.ru or follow me on ( facebook, myspace, youtube, etc.)