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exciting news

Well it has been an exciting year so far, with my nomination for best "underage recording of the year" from the Edmonton Music Awards, to recently being accepted into the 10k20 project, with a grant to complete an album. I am so excited to get started on this new project and am so grateful to those that supported me to make this happen!

Edmonton Music Awards

Today I received notice that I have been nominated for "Underage Recording of the Year" - Edmonton Music Awards - for my song Toy Soldier. So exciting!!

Toy Solider - New Original

Here is is, my new original. I am so proud of this song...have a listen...if you like please post a comment. Thanks to all my supporters...you rock!

Recording Toy Soldier

Well.... all of the instruments have been recorded for my new original, Toy Soldier. Tomorrow I head back to Calgary to record the vocals. I am so excited for the completed song. My producer has done an incredible job capturing the meaning of the song and directing the musician during the recording. I am truly blessed to have him in my corner!! With any luck my new original will be available soon for upload!

Singing with Marianas Trench

So....Marianas Trench is coming to Edmonton to sing at Rexall October 29. They put a call out to local choirs, asking they submit a video of the choir singing one of their songs for the chance to sing with them on stage! GUESS WHAT? Yep my highschool won!! My highschool choir will be singing back up to two of Marianas Trench's song...on stage...AT REXALL! so exciting. I remember a number of years ago going to see them at a small local venue, the Starlight Room....I am not sure if they even had radio play the...but here we are now and I get to stand on stage with them....can't get any cooler then that. Thanks Marianas Trench for supporting local talent and for making my dream come true!! :D


So I have recently completed my newest song. The song is a rock song and I go into the studio in September to record it! I am so excited about this song....it and its style and genre are much closer to where I want to go with my music then the first song I wrote. Hopefully it will be ready for reverb......mid October! keep checking in, I will post as soon as it is available.

On the Radio

What a great day I had today. I was part of a competition earlier this week which showcased several different cultures singing in different languages. My ancestry is Italian. There were 4 Italians in the top 10. The four of us were invited to the World FM 101.7 radio station during the Italian program where we were interviewed and the songs we sang were played on the radio for the listeners to hear. It was so cool and so much fun!!! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks Tony at World FM 101.7!!!


Well what a great year it has been. Since Last year at this time, I came in top 6 for Edmonton's Undiscovered, winning recording time. Recorded my first original, came in first in Edmonton's got talent, met some amazing new people in the industry that are kind enough to help me along my musical journey, Co-wrote another original with the amazing Lindsay Broughton, I am singing at Big Valley Jamboree and am a finalist in the World FM World of Wonder competition. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me! Love you all!!

Edmonton's Got Talent

This past weekend I participated in a competition called Edmonton's Got Talent. I won first prize in the senior division :) won some money that I am going to put aside for a future recording!

My Show

So using the recording time that I won during the competition (Edmonton's Undiscovered) I wrote and recorded my very first original song! So exciting. March 31, 2012 I am have a release party and show. My first, very own show! Since the show I have started to play guitar and am now working on putting together a band so I can play the music that really makes me happy. It has been an amazing year for me!!