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Edmonton's Undicovered

Well the show is over. I made it all the way to the finals and came in 6th out of about 200 people that audition. Most of my competitor were 5-10 years older then me, with some 20 years older. It was so much fun and I met so many great people. My confidence is higher then ever. Check out my performances in my videos on my site.....let me know what you think! Have a great day everyone!

Edmonton's Undiscovered - Finalé

So tonight, I compete with 5 other finalists for the opportunity to record an album! The competition is stiff and really anyone could win it at this point. I have been so lucky to participate in the show and have met so many amazing artists I can now call friends. No matter what happens, I have already won! :) good luck everyone!

Undiscoverd Talent

Well Shay had made it all the way to the top 6 and will be singing the in the Finale for the show "Edmonton's Undiscovered Talent" What a great experience this has been for her. Her confidence level has never been higher and she has worked so hard to get to where she is! The winner of the show gets a full album recording and 1 yr of performance coaching at a local studion. Shay has done herself proud! special thanks to her amazing vocal coach Bernard Quilala of Spotlight studios! you rock!!

Undiscovered Talent - top 16

Shay sings the cover (Turning Tables) by Adele and lands herself in the top 16!! Next show is August 5 where Shay competes for a spot in the top 12! Congratulations on your success so far Shay great job!!

Undiscovered Talent round 4

Once again Shay show's her true talent as she makes it through to the top 20. Next week she competes for a spot in the top 15. In addition to this show, Shay made top five in Edmontons audition rounds of Urban Star. Watch for her performance on the Shaw Network!

Undiscovered Talent Round 3

So Shay sang a cover, Imaginary by Evanascense, in round 3 of Edmonton's Undiscovered Talent....and yep you guessed it...SHE ROCKED IT! such emotion for a 13 year old, it is truly spectacular. Shay is moving on to round 4 and is in the top 25. Great job Shay!

Undiscovered Talent Round 2

Shay provided a stellar performance full of emotion as she sang Almost Lover (cover) by A Fine Frenzy. It was an amazing performance which left many members of the audience wiping away the tears when it was over. This performance landed her a spot in round 3, where she will compete with 29 other performers in an effort to make it to the top 20.

Undiscovered Talent

Well, I participated in the first round of a local artist developement program called Undiscovered Talent. It's set up is much like American Idol, only it is local to my city. I made it through the audition rounds to the first show. It was so much fun. I sang Let It Rain at my first show and got some great feedback from the judges. I have now made it through to round 3 - June 10, 2011......wish me luck.

Sad day in Slave Lake

So, I live in a city in northern Alberta, Canada. North of where I live is a small community called Slave Lake. This past weekend this community was ravaged by a fire that literally levelled many parts of the town. The entire town was evacuated along with many other surrounding communities. Many people are left without homes to go back to. The devastation is horrific. Some amazing Edmonton musicians are putting on a benefit concert May 23 to help raise funds to support the thousands of families affected by this disaster. I am honored to have been invited to sing at this fundraiser. I am very proud to say I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The outpouring of support for our Northern Neighbors is simply awe-inspiring.

Busy Month

I just finished my audition for the Northern Star Talent Search and made it through to the semi-finals. Between Undiscovered Talent and Northern Star it is going to be a busy couple of months. Having lots of fun though and looking forward to the future. :)