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Album "Bitter Cold Black"

We will get the new album in the mail this week, it will be 2 weeks before we are on ITunes, CD Baby ect....Cant wait for all you guys to get a copy and Jam it at High volume..Thanks for all support this year at our shows and you help spreadin the word, it means alot!

Noell Buckmaster
Noell Buckmaster  (over 4 years ago)


If i could just be this

song is mastered and ready for release..cant wait for everone to hear it!

Shooter Jennings Show

We are going to open up for Shooter Jennings at the Museum Club In Flagstaff May 15th..Looking forward to checking out Shooters show!


We start mixing our first single release tomorrow!

Studio again

Another night at the studio. persistence and perseverance.

Scott Schulte
Scott Schulte  (almost 6 years ago)

Stop blogging and get back to work! Also I have some more songs for you to cover.


in the studio this week killin it!


We want to thank everyone for coming out to our shows and supporting what we are doing