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NEXT WEEKEND (and shows coming up)

We're finishing up the recording for the new album next weekend, and we're excited as hell to tell you that.

As was the case with the first songs for the new album (the "Wrong" session), we'll get sounds at DMS Studio in Clarksville, NY, with our good friend, Arthur Scott Verner. We highly recommend this man. His "Wrong" session mix was great, too. Great to work with, very much looking forward to our return.

This session is being made possible by our friends at JEDI GLASSWORKS (NY) / TEDDYGLASS.com. We're not just saying that because we utilize their fine products at every Liquid Me rehearsal, session, performance, etc - they are making this session possible. Check them out: http://teddyglass.com/

We'll be delivering the session's recordings to our producer/partner Jeff Da Bella (Mansion Audio, Johnson City, NY). It's likely that we'll do additional guitars, vocals, etc. with Jeff, too. Those who know about Jeff know that he's busy, with big things. We're very fortunate to be in this incredible situation with him, and we're looking forward to delivering the 2nd session's recordings.

All that said, we (Lotus and Todd) have put a lot into the new music, and we can't wait to lay it down. The album won't be out until sometime this fall - but we're planning to get some out in front of you, soon.


6/01 TRISHSTOCK, Locke, NY https://www.facebook.com/events/256338121176286/

6/22 NIKSTOCK, Owego, NY https://www.facebook.com/events/155104328000008/

-We have CHEAP tix for both TRISHSTOCK and NIKSTOCK (like $15, includes camping for the whole weekend). Get in touch. Sick line-ups at both shows. Ridiculous party opportunities, both.

Tweet at us: @LiquidMeBand

Tweet at our peeps, Clean Green Music: @CleanGreenMusic

More soon. Love you. -LM

OUT NOW: new single "Wrong" FREE, official video


Hope 2013 is off to a good start for you. Here in upstate NY, where we are, things are tense. Communities are polarized. People are confused, angry, and scared about the threat of fracking. Meanwhile, Gov Cuomo didn’t even mention his NY fracking plans at yesterday’s “State of the State” address (even though some 1,500 anti-frackers were there, screaming in his face, pleading with him).

In Lotus’ and Todd’s towns, properties have already been licensed for fracking. The proposed Constitution pipeline will run near where Lotus, and Kris, live. We are in trouble. We’ve been sold by our representation, and now we’re being ignored. WE NEED HELP.

SIGN THESE PETITIONS (deadline TODAY Fri 1/11 at 5pm, just takes a second): -For Gov Andrew Cuomo, and the DCE - http://signon.org/sign/governor-cuomo-ban-fracking -For the DEC - http://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/76838.html

DONATE to SHALESHOCK ACTION ALLIANCE for DIRECT ACTION vs fracking in NY We havepre-released, and licensed, our new single, “Wrong,” to our friends at Shaleshock in a campaign to raise awareness about fracking. We’re also asking that folks donate to their cause. 100% of donations to Shaleshock will go towards DIRECT ACTION vs NY fracking. Liquid Me gets no money in any part of this campaign: we’re working to protect our people, and our communities.

You can donate HERE: http://shaleshock.org/2012/12/marcellus-shale-rock-wrong-by-liquid-me/ The official “Wrong” video, and a link to download “Wrong” for FREE, are there, too. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK. “Wrong” is free there, whether or not a donation is made (no sign-up, no bullshit). If you haven’t heard/seen “Wrong” yet, get at it, and let us know what you think.

OTHER WAYS TO HELP: **SHARE the “Wrong” video: http://youtu.be/yu3jiES4T5o. The video sends people to Shaleshock.org for the FREE “Wrong” download. There, people can learn a whole lot about fracking, fast (and possibly donate).

**SHARE the facebook group page NO NY FRACKING TOLERATED: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186711344807392/ We run it, so you know it’s packed with incendiary, anti-fracking goodness. Please “join,” post there, and SHARE THE LINK.

**SHARE Shaleshock’s URL: Shaleshock.org Shaleshock Action Alliance are on the frontlines for us, and their website is loaded with info. If you want to learn about fracking, FAST, please check out their “Drilling 101” page.

THANKS, EVERYBODY. Please get in touch, about “Wrong,” and/or whatever: @LiquidMeBand facebook email: LiquidMeBand@gmail.com



LIQUID ME: Welcome to 2012

Let’s not start this out with a bunch negativity. Truth is, 2011 was amazing for Liquid Me.

At the same time, 2011 was, by and large, brutal and hellish for us, as individuals. You wouldn’t believe the stuff we’ve worked through, and the stuff we were made to deal with. As dedicated to, and excited about, all things Liquid Me as we all are (and have been), the rigors of 2011 almost killed the band: we almost had to put it down. Those close to us know what that means, in terms of real loss. Some pretty terrible “options” were in front of us, because our overall situation was even worse. I don’t mean to be all covert about things here, but you don’t need to know all of the details. “Ugly and frightening” sums it up.

Yeah, that was then.

Recently, we’ve turned a huge corner. We have a brand-new situation with our producer, and partner, Jeff Da Bella (Mansion Audio, Johnson City, NY), and we’re all eager to get at it. Just as importantly, we’ve been making what we feel are massively-huge leaps forward in the re-tooling of much of our active catalog. We’ve put a lot of great work into some of our favorites (ex: “Guilt Trip,” “Painkiller,” “I Want Blood,” “End Again,” “Damn You,” etc, all of which we hope to start recording very soon), and they are coming along nicely – really nicely. Musicians know what what I’m talking about: these songs are exciting to us again, and we’re convinced that Da Bella will flip the fuck out when he gets an ear-full. We’ve been working on some brand-new songs, too, that are blowing our minds and keeping us very happy.

In other words, things are now better than ever. We’re back, and we’re stoked as hell. Spread the fucking word.

Thanks for staying in touch, and for keeping the torch lit, though this challenging time. As of right now, please expect us to be better at keeping you informed. We’re going to blog more, post more, and involve you more – and we’re entirely confident that you’ll really like what you hear. So, welcome to the party, and/or welcome back to the party. Either way, it’s fucking on, and we couldn’t be happier.

HAPPY 2012, friends. Now more than ever, stay in touch, because things are about to get really, really interesting…


Liquid Me to Release Highly-Anticipated EP Sat 6/04 at Thirsty’s Concert Event

[press release: short, sans format]

BINGHAMTON, NY – Hard rock power trio, Liquid Me, will release its highly-anticipated, self-titled EP, on Saturday, June 4, at a very special concert event at Thirsty’s Tavern (46 South Washington Street, Binghamton).

Liquid Me’s new EP was crafted through a very fortunate partnership with esteemed producer Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal, etc), and was mastered by Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def, etc). The EP’s first single, and music video, “She Said,” has been made available online recently, and has generated enthusiastic responses, and reviews, from around the world. “She Said” is being played regionally by stations including 92.5 KGB fm (Binghamton), 93.5 WVBR fm (Ithaca), and RIP 97.9 fm (Hunter/Windham), and is already featured on scores of internet radio stations. The core of the band, Lotus (vocals, guitar) and Kris (bass), have been performing and honing their sound together for years: a significant effort, now yielding big-impact results, and a lot of excitement. Liquid Me is influenced, and inspired, by a variety of bands such as Nirvana, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Jane’s Addiction, and Led Zeppelin.

Heralded homegrown hard-rockers, Dropclutch, will co-headline the loaded-up concert event. Dropclutch has shared the stage with national acts such as Seether, Breaking Benjamin, and Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna. Their debut album, The Reason, produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City), helped earn Dropclutch world-wide acclaim, considerable national airplay, and legions of fans. The band will soon have a song featured on an upcoming version of the smash-hit video game Rock Band, and has recently released new single/video, “One Bullet,” from its upcoming new album, to exuberant reviews. Their new single, “Between the Lines,” will be released and available soon.

Members of the Rensselaer Falls metal/alternative powerhouse, Tyrade, are no strangers to the big stage, themselves; they have performed with the likes of Everclear, STEMM, Green Jelly, and Tantric, and will be performing with Skid Row (as will Dropclutch), and Papa Roach, this summer. Tyrade will soon be touring the world with the USO, as well. The band has already amassed a dedicated fan-base of avid followers, and has a very bright future to look forward to, indeed.

Binghamton’s own Drunken Bastards at the Door complete the 6/04 special event line-up. Said hard-working, local sound-stretchers have re-emerged in the scene with a vengeance, seemingly performing every weekend around the area as of late. When asked as to DBATD’s musical genre, DBATD member J-Rod explained (to paraphrase) that the band exists outside of any categorical genre, and that if Jameson’s Irish Whiskey made music, it would sound like DBATD. Coincidently, patrons of the 6/04 Liquid Me EP release event must be 21+.

As Liquid Me will also be featured at this year’s Nikstock concert event (June 10-11, Champion Speedway, Owego), the band will have Nikstock tickets available for purchase at the 6/04 EP Release Event. Patrons can purchase their Nikstock ticket from Liquid Me for $25 each (while they last), or they can pay $35 per ticket at the gate of the Nikstock event. More information on the Nikstock music festival can be found at www.nikstock.com.

The 6/04 Liquid Me EP Release Event at Thirsty’s Tavern is being presented by presented by Clean Green Music, HMS Hurricane Music Supply, Mansion Audio Recording Studio, and Bovina Records. Doors at 8pm, $5 cover.

For more on Liquid Me, and the 6/04 EP Release Event at Thirsty’s Tavern, visit www.reverbnation.com/liquidme.


HERE IT IS... the hard-rockin’ festival… the awesome spectacle… the bash with testicles… ladies and gentlemen… check it out

NIKSTOCK 2011 !!! June 10 – 11 Champion Speedway, Owego, NY

40 KILLER BANDS featuring: LIQUID ME (playing Sat 6/11 @ 5pm) plus: King Snyder, Smite, Drunken Bastards at the Door, Waste*ations, Rise, S.T. Dredd, Brass Knuckle Intercourse, Autumn Graveyard, Tempter, Cold Ethyl, and many more!!

100 KEGS ON-SITE Buy their beer if you’re 21, or bring your own drink/food (no glass)

CAMPING INCLUDED, of course (re-entry OK all weekend)

TICKETS: get ‘em at the gate for $35 or… GET YOUR NIKSTOCK TICKETS FROM US FOR ONLY $25 (while they last)

contact for Nikstock tickets:

L I Q U I D _ M E liquidmeband@gmail.com facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Me/159791410736619

C L E A N _ G R E E N _ M U S I C cleangreenmusic@gmail.com facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clean-Green-Music/116214038391252

and/or… our friends have your discount Nikstock ticket, RIGHT NOW!!

Binghamton: Rae Rae “The Realness” - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638430166

Owego / Apalachin: Killer Kate - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1172627471

Oneonta: Parker the Pimp - http://www.facebook.com/NathanParkerDunne

Send them a message, with your contact info, and DEMAND YOUR $25 NIKSTOCK TICKET!!

but what about... THE EP RELEASE EVENT?

LIQUID ME EP Release Event Sat 6/04 @ Thirsty’s, Binghamton LIQUID ME, DROPCLUTCH w/ special guests: Tyrade, and Drunken Bastards at the Door facebook invitation: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114587561958127 doors @ 8pm, ONLY $5

This is going to be a big, crazy, out-of-hand BASH. Highly, highly recommended. It's gonna be an amazing show/party, and you gotta get the EP (it is HOT)!!

We'll have a killer deal on NIKSTOCK tickets at the 6/04 show, too:

"the package" -NIKSTOCK ticket ($25) -the new LIQUID ME EP ($5) -the new LIQUID ME t-shirt ($15) FOR ONLY $30!! ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE 6/04 EP Release Event @ Thirsty's!!


Cheers, friends!!

update: THIS FRIDAY's EP Release, News, Nikstock, New Shit, etc

The big, ugly, pseudo-update is this: there was a fire on the 5th floor at 73 Court St, Binghamton, yesterday morning. On the Roxx is on the ground floor at 73 Court St. At this time, there is considerable doubt that our EP Release Event will happen at On the Roxx this Friday (5/06). While this totally sucks, this has got to be a real blow to the good folks at OTR: tons of water damage, being closed the last weekend before finals. It's all bad. We're told there is some optimism that OTR can be operational by Fri. We're not overly optimistic. At the same time, Liquid Me is rehearsing tonight. You never know. You'll be updated ASAP (quickest update: "LIKE" us on facebook HERE - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Me/159791410736619


Welcome to May, fuckers. There is no sun here, ever.

First of all: it's finally happening (we hope). The big EP Release Event is this Friday, 5/06, at On the Roxx (73 Court St., downtown Binghamton). It's going to be freaking amazing: Dropclutch, Tyrade, Drunken Bastards at the Door, and us, of course. Friday 5/06 will be the first time the new EP will be made available. Some early reviews are already in, and they are highly complementary. There's mounting buzz, kids. Yep. That said, come and party your face off this Fri at our EP Release Event @ On the Roxx!!

EP Release Event invitation: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104981639587083

LIQUID ME on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Me/159791410736619

Like we said, there's mounting buzz. Freaking piles of mounting buzz, really. Some of the pile has been generated by reviewers and music people who are already digging the new EP…

BLACK COLLAR RADIO did a sweet review (and are awesome as hell). They also include a link to download our first single, "She Said," FOR FREE: http://www.blackcollarradio.com/reviews/liquidme/

MUSIC GOAT did a kick-ass piece on us, too: http://musicgoat.com/liquid-me-and-what-they-have-in-common-with-zakk-wylde-and-mos-def

Thanks to our terrestrial radio friends for playing "She Said," too (very much):

92.5 KGB-FM

93.5 WVBR-FM

97.9 RIP-FM

Here's a little more buzz (not that we haven't posted it a trillion times already, but too bad): http://www.newschannel34.com/content/developingnews/story/Liquid-Me-to-Release-Highly-Anticipated-New-EP/q4NfAI4C0kakJXy3gHFjWw.cspx

News Channel 34's Up to the Minute News coverage of the Fri 5/06 EP Release Event @ On the Roxx.

Friday's gonna be sick. Bet you get that by now. Killer bands:

DROPCLUTCH - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dropclutch/126493976425

TYRADE - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1157411272

DRUNKEN BASTARDS AT THE DOOR - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drunken-Bastards-at-the-Door/129784727067022

Here's news: we've got stuff. All of our stuff rules, hard, and it's all new, and shiny.

The new EP: $5

The t-shirt: $15

-pic here / order the shirt on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Liquid-Me-t-shirts-/170636095444?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item6d6fd195cc

The NIKSTOCK ticket: $25 (pay $35 at the gate at Nikstock. Honestly, $35 for 40 brutal bands, camping, and the fiercest partying of the summer is pretty cheap anyway. You know about Nikstock, right? Get your tickets from us and save $10)


(At the EP Release Event, this Fri, 5/06, at On the Roxx)

get the new EP… and the new T-shirt… and your NIKSTOCK ticket… ONLY $25!!

That's what's up. See you Friday. Get in touch!

Liquid Me EP Release Event (press release)


3/25 @ Flashbacks now 18+, "She Said" video, press, etc (CHECK IT OUT)

Friends, lots of cool stuff has been happening. Below you'll find a bunch of up-to-the-minute links of interest...

BREAKING NEWS (just happened a few hours ago): the show at Flashbacks this Fri, 3/25, is now 18+.

Listen to 92.5 KGB and WIN TICKETS. 92.5 fm Binghamton, or http://www.925kgb.com/mediaplayer/

(the KGB spot doesn't specify 18+, but the show is 18+, rest assured...and here's the KGB spot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21890418/Liquid%20Me/radio/Catastrophe%20Me%20KGB%20Flashbacks%203%2025%20Liquid%20Me%20Like%20a%20Cat%20Fight.mp3

INVITATION: FRI, 3/25 @ Flashbacks, Binghamton (w/ Catastrophe Me, and Like a Cat Fight) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=156572841064800

Press & Sun ‘SOUNDCHECK’ - http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20110317/ENT/103170316/SOUNDCHECK-Liquid-Me

**also ran in... Ithaca Journal: http://www.theithacajournal.com/article/20110317/ENT/103170316/SOUNDCHECK-Liquid-Me

Star-Gazette: http://www.stargazette.com/article/20110317/ENT/103170316/SOUNDCHECK-Liquid-Me

“She Said” featured in UVTV’s latest video podcast - http://uvtv.libsyn.com/mar-14-heavy-metal-hardcore-hard-rock-music-videos

“She Said” featured on BIRP! - http://www.blalocksirp.com/birp-tv/upload/viewvideo/1456/music-videos/liquid-me-she-said

News Channel 34 (regional NBC/ABC), re: 3/25 Flashbacks show - http://www.newschannel34.com/content/developingnews/story/Liquid-Me-to-Rock-Hard-at-Binghamton-s-Flashbacks/Y3ZWQtXDXkWBR-qhJOThdg.cspx

LIQUID ME on facebook (new account, NEEDS YOUR “LIKE”) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Me/159791410736619

Have you seen/heard "Guilt Trip" yet? You really gotta. Demo-quality production (pre-production, first time our producer, Jeff Da Bella, ever heard the song, in fact. One-take during the 3/06 state-of-emergency snowstorm). PLEASE TURN IT UP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGbifVutmKc

We are considering adding "Guilt Trip" to our new full-length, which we'll be starting soon. Your feedback would be much appreciated.


Liquid Me to Rock Hard at Binghamton’s Flashbacks Fri 3/25

[press release)

Liquid Me to Rock Hard at Binghamton’s Flashbacks Fri 3/25 Great Night of New Music Includes 2010 SAMMY Winner Catastrophe Me, Like a Cat Fight

BINGHAMTON, NY – Regional alt rock power trio, Liquid Me, will perform a set’s worth of “post-grunge, punk-infused, groove-intensive hard rock” at Flashbacks (State Street, Binghamton) on Friday, March 25, as part of an exciting evening of new, original music.

The bill includes Syracuse-area rockers, Catastrophe Me, winners of the 2010 SAMMY award for “Best New Artist.” The upwardly-mobile band features celebrated vocalist Heather Brushell, has been performing with bands such as Tantric, and recently had two of their songs included on Tripple B Games’ College Lacrosse 2011 video game (Xbox Live). Check out Catastrophe Me at www.reverbnation.com/catastropheme. Popular local punk/indie/alt rockers, Like a Cat Fight, will kick off the concert event (www.reverbnation.com/likeacatfight).

Liquid Me has recently completed its self-titled EP, which will be released this May. The EP was produced by Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal), and mastered by Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def). The first single, and music video, from the upcoming EP, “She Said,” has been made available online recently, and has quickly created quite a stir. The core of the band, Lotus (vocals, guitar) and Kris (bass), have been performing and honing their sound together for years, under a variety of different band-names. Liquid Me is influenced, and inspired, by a variety of bands such as Nirvana, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Sonic Youth, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The 3/25 concert event at Flashbacks is being presented by Sterling Live Productions, in conjunction with Clean Green Music, as part of the venue’s new Friday night concert series. Doors at 8pm. $5.

For more on Liquid Me, visit www.reverbnation.com/liquidme.

Committed & fearless, much like our friends

On my way to the studio tonight, I saw cars way, way off the road, clusters of emergency vehicles, etc. It was going to snow all night, and it had been snowing steadily for about 3 hours already.

Lotus and Kris were coming from a good hour away. The roads were only a little wet when they left. They knew that the roads would be a seriously-fucked-up mess by session's end.

I talked to Lotus before they left. He never, for a second, even considered not coming to the studio tonight. I doubt that Kris ever though twice about making the drive, either.

Before the session, our friend, and Mansion Audio producer, Jeff Da Bella, emailed asking me to let him know if we had to cancel the session tonight, but he never mentioned having any desire to cancel or reschedule. Our friend, and videographer/photographer, Grant Burkhalter, didn't get in touch first, he just showed up...early.

We're all in. We all really like what is going on, and we're busting ass, against ugly odds, to move things forward. We have really, really good people with us, and they are all in, too. It's a powerful feeling.

We got great stuff tonight: live in the live room, w/ subsequently-punched vocals (necessitated by bleed from cymbals). Expect a killer "live" video version of a new tune called "Guilt Trip" later this week. I think we'll be posting 3 or 4 new performance videos this week, w/ demo-quality audio.

We pretty much knocked that shit out, too: didn't even do two takes of everything. On those rare occasions when we did have to stop, it was because we broke something, not because we were fucking up. At one point, I cracked an overhead mic so hard that the top half flew across the room. Oops.

Anyway, not only did we drive through state-of-emergency snow last night, we also invited our videographer to come shoot while we premiered brand new material to our producer. Who does that? Yeah, we need the content. We roll cameras during pre-production, and we post that shit. Sounds kinda nuts, but the stuff is good (you'll dig it)...and we need the content.

Gigs coming up / news:

- TONIGHT'S SECRET SHOW at the Oak is CANCELED. We are snowed in. It sucks balls, but there's nothing we can do. We hope to get in there and tear it up, real proper-like, real soon.

SHOWS THAT ARE HAPPENING, as far as we know...

3/25 @ Flashbacks (State Street, Binghamton), w/ Catastrophe Me, and Like a Cat Fight (Killer show! Mark the date and tell yer peeps!)

Facebook 3/25 invite - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=156572841064800

MySpace 3/25 invite - http://www.myspace.com/events/View/9656347/LIQUID-ME-w-Catastrophe-Me-Like-a-Cat-Fight

4/30 @ Delhi -details pending, but this is going to be very, very cool. A last waltz of sorts. multiple bands, and remarkably special pricing on adult beverages. SAVE THE DATE

5/06 @ Binghamton LIQUID ME - EP release BASH details soon

Cheers, all. Stay safe and warm, and stay in touch. We'll have some new stuff up later this week that will rock you hard...