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ello govna

Our new four song ep: Bridges Built to Break is out. Help us find an awesome all ages venue for our cd release party!!!! Any bands interested in playing? Hit us up here on reverb or facebook.

Mastered Ep

Hey we finally got our Ep back from being mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering in Hollywood, CA. It sounds awesome. We should be throwing a Cd release party soon. We will keep you updated. Don't forget to come to weed CA for the 4 & 20 Black Bird Festival. Over 50 bands are playing including yours truly:)


We just sent our four song Ep down to Precision mastering in Hollywood, CA where Tom Baker is going to master our project(look him up cause he has a lot of legendary artists under his belt.) If all goes well, our Ep should be out within a month or two. Can't wait!!

Radio Star

We are nearing completion of our four song Ep at Radio Star Studio in Weed, Ca. Our producer Sylvia has really been kicking us in to gear and our sound engineer Fernando can work the mixing board like no other. We are really excited to show everyone our new stuff and we know you won't be disappointed.

Recording at Radio Star Studio

We are very excited to record our new EP!!! We will be recording a four to five song Ep in Weed CA at Radio Star Studio. We are being produced by legendary Sylvia Massy, who has produced multiple gold albums with the likes of Tool, System of a Down, Power Man 5000, and Paula Abdul, just to name a few. Look forward to some radio quality tracks from us in the months to come.

new demo

We are currently working on a new full length demo (Somewhere between 10 or twelve songs). Eric Amantite from Avenue of Escape is recording our scratch tracks, but we hope to record the final Album at the Sound House or another studio in the area. It's still in the beginning stages, but be on the look out for new music from us in the months to come!