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New Year's Eve 2007 Party

Added Monday, Jan 1 - New Years Eve Party at St. Mary's / Visitation Hall in New Salem! Dec 31, Happy New Year 2007 - Tricks and friends rang in 2007 with food, fun, drinks, and lots of dancing the night away! I mean it! The dance floor at St. Mary's hall is huge, and there were dancers out there dancing All Night Long! These people came to dance, that's what we like to see. Special thanks to Lynette, the lady in charge of this annual fund-raiser. Thanks for having Tricks as a part of your celebration, We appreciate all the hard work that Lynette and her crew put into the job of throwing this big dinner/dance party. Great work from the cooks, the bartenders, the planners, the decorators, the clean-up crew, and all the other volunteers, Tricks says "Thanks so much"! Also, special thanks to Diane VerHey. And, happy birthday to Nicole and Sue. Just before midnight rolled around, Tricks did their Grand Prize drawing for our year-long celebration of Tricks' 30th anniversary. The prize is 2 tickets to a concert & a night out with the whole Tricks band. All of the entry forms for the entire year of Tricks t-shirt and Tricks cooler cup nightly drawings were including in the Grand Prize drawing - hundreds and hundreds of names from every single Tricks gig of 2006. It's only fitting that the winner ended up being our best friend, Deb Peck - Deb is one of our most fun and loyal fans, she comes to see Tricks with her husband Willy almost every weekend (many times both weekend nights). She is our music-loving, dancing fiend, cookie making, dog-sitting, party girl, best rock and roll friend who we are honored to have as a TOP TRICKS FRIEND AND FAN!! We love ya! Deb, and we're glad you were the winner - (of course, I'm sure no one else had more pieces of paper in there than you did!) Tricks wishes a Happy New Year 2007 to one and all, whether you were there or not. Best wishes for 2007 to all Tricks friends and family! Auld Lang Syne. Check out the pictures to see what a fun crowd we had on this last night of 2006. pics 1 http://homepage.mac.com/rdoogie/Tricks2006Late/PhotoAlbum212.html| pics 2 http://homepage.mac.com/rdoogie/Tricks2006Late/PhotoAlbum213.html Tricks Cooler Cups Winners - Marge McBride, Sue Kelly Tricks T-Shirt Winners - Bob Mohn, Susan Paauwe, Robin Deur, Katie Coon Grand Prize Winner !!! - Deb Peck