moveing people through this craft.

i always desired to express myself through my music, i have so much love and joy to spread from my heart. like you i've been hurt and disappointed too.it doesnt matter where we came from, but it does matter where we end up.learn from the past to built a promiseing future, im takeing it all in strive because i know i have a higher purpose in life and i have to be a example for somebody out there who may not be as stronge as me.i'M truely blessed and highly favored by god,so now all i have to do is use whatever gifts the lord his given me to teach the lame and guide the blind to somehow be a positive force of hope and inspiration to mankind. if i can help motivate somebody to discover their gift as well as change a life trough my craft than it wasnt in vain it will not come back to me void. i still have stories to tell and broken hearts to ease through music, their is still alot to come from me so be watchful and be blessed.