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Coming Soon...

Ok...so I've finally released the "Grown Mane Muzik Vol. 1" mixtape (thanks for those who gave feedback and those who continue to listen to my music!) but just FYI that was the beginning to what is going to be a great year for me and the We Make Hitz Music Group as a collective! This summer presents a whole new variety of music from myself, with my next mixtape "High Life's and High Nights on deck this June, Contra 3 shortly thereafter for those that like that hard shit, Tha Epidemic around November, and the MostAmaze mixtape somewhere in between...not to mention another mixtape on top of that and a few We Make Hitz compilation cds featuring members DuckCez (@DuckCez), Tha Most (@ImThaMost), Killa J (@KillaJ804), and others that we fuck with for features and hot music. So with that being said...we comin soon! Again, thanks to those that listen, give feedback, and support our music! We look forward to hearing from you all, and if you don't personally hear back from me, then just know that I'm in the studio doing what I love and hopefully you'll love what I do, ya dig? Get at me anytime @Only1Amaze Twitter / Instagram #TeamLateNight #TeamNoSleep WE DO THIS SHIT!

What's good?

Ayyyeee...Young Amaze, I'm definitely in the building. This is my first blog, and I don't really blog much, but I have loads of music in store for y'all...you can #FollowMe on Twitter @Only1Amaze or get at me on BBM: 307f29c9 or 2135cff6. I'm an artist that produce, or maybe I'm a producer that raps...either way my cup is never half empty...Get at me!