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Captains log

It's been over two months since the Errlybirds tour ended, and I believe that is ample to time to reflect on the craziest experience of my life. I would have certainly done so earlier, but due to recent events that occurred upon our arrival home, I just couldn't speak honestly about the whole thing without sounding like a robot with pre-programmed responses. I'd like to start off by saying a special thank you to everyone who came out and supported in every city. You had probably never heard of us, and probably had better things to do that evening, but to those who sat and listened you will be remembered always... I consider myself a very observant person so I know who you are, and you know who you are. I'd also like to thank the big homie Skywriter for putting the whole damn thing together and J- Hornay for being such an integral part as well. I'm going use that into a segue to thank the man who deserves it the most. The man who made the show what it was and never accepted anything less than your best and always expected you to do so. You pushed me beyond what I thought I was ever capable of, and gave me the confidence to go even further. Never afraid to tell you how it was and never afraid of how it was. Shane 'Menione' Seniuk, you are a bastion to what I have become and a beacon of hope to what I can accomplish. Dealing with your loss has been both confusing and devastating, but ultimately it has been an enlightening experience which I have learned from. Rest in peace,sweet prince. I expected to say more about the tour with this entry, but I'll decide to do that another day. This was the first time actually facing this head-on and there was no easier way to do it than to an audience so awesome such as yourselves. I'll leave you with this: When you build a bond with someone that's as strong as brothers, keep that bond strong and look out for each other. That is the absolute most important part of friendship and family; looking out for one another. If we can all do that one simple thing, and stop worrying about ourselves for just one second, you can even save a life. Thanks for reading, until next time... - Oops