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One to be remembered

What a great night of music and friends at Wacha's Shop Party! Thank you all who came out to the show. Also, a big thank you to Maple and Gomez for the party started right. Jam Room fed everyone with all the fan favorites, good music and good vibes. Then BGS took the stage to fill the room with groovy originals, and set out to peak the energy that had been building all through the night. BGS ended the set with a cover of Little Lion Man that was lit on fire from the first note struck! This show will go down it the BGS history books as one amazing night! Until we meet again....

Moving toward the end and beginning!

So BGS didn't play a single show in the month of November. This was the first full month we have taken off since we started! It was a good month of rest for the band and has given us some time to work on some new original tunes. We have two new songs in the mix. We were expecting to get more done but some songs just don't want to evolve as fast as others. One of the two is a gypsy carnival meltdown instrumental-- lots of fun and smiles while making this one! For the month of Dec. we have 4 shows booked. December 3rd is a house party for some friends, the 8th is a benifit show at Yin Ching's in Ozark, the 17th is our favorite place to get down Wacha's Shop (BGS Jam Cave), then on the 31st we will head to West Plains for a private New Years Eve show at the Elks Lodge. We will also be doing a show in Springfield in January, details coming soon... So I hope you all have been resting your groove shoes because it is on! Oh and one more thing, the word studio has been thrown around a lot lately and we have spoken with a great friend in Oklahoma about working with us. Buddha's Groove Shoes debut album to come out sometime in the near future, see you all soon!