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Message for the Fans.

Sabe quien llego... el unico...

DJ BmD, I intend to lead a revolution in Urban Latin music, and even commercial and indie music as we know. Blending genres together and creating a new musical movement is the very reason for the creation of DaHitmen Productions, headed by yours truly.

Music quality is dying and using my knowledge and passion that I have for music, I initiate and aspire a change in music, a revolution, mind you. Music speaks for itself, but I guide it to speak out to people, to make people dance, to tell a story in which people can relate to. Let music guide you, and trust me, then can you know, and feel REAL music.

I feel commercial pop culture is creating a very limited environment for musicians and DJs to work with create a wide gap between true art and simple beats with a catchy hook. I make club music, yes; I make party music, yes; I make music you can jam out, yes; yet I use my art to take you to another world, a dimension where not only can you hear and listen to the music, but you can feel it and visualize it. This, my friends and fans, is DaHitmen Productions, this is DJ BmD, but most importantly, this is music.

My first mixtape is officially out, available to download for no charge. Individual songs as available as well. Every so often I will finish and upload another song, available to download as well.

I hope you enjoy my art, and support what I do. Any collaborations, questions, or comments, you can hit me up at any time.

...and remember.

DaHitmen Productions... know it, hate it, but respect it...