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This Bird will never change (Scott)

Happy Sunday everyone.... After another great gig weekend in the books I would like to give a shout out to Montgomery PA for showing myself and the rest of All Else Fails how they party. So AEF is getting ready to up our party and I would like to know what tunes YOU love to party and shake your asses too....email me at Scott@aefband.com and let me know what songs are on your mind

THE ROAD......

Well ROCKERS here we are JAN 22-2013... We have huge things in store for 2013 as we will be breaking out of our chambers very very shortly. Be ready for NEW ROCKING tunes from A.E.F as well as some HUGE PARTIESas Ya'LL know how we do it up........WE CANT WAIT TO BE PARTYING WITH YOU ALL AGAIN so get your rockfist up in the air

#3 on the ROCK CHARTS

THANK YOU to our A.E.F family for keeping the rock ALIVE...... Make sure you Download and SHARE our single BURN as we continue to grow a stronger fan base on the east coast.

#20 on the charts

Hey y'all WE ARE #20 on the charts, spread the music and HELP US GROW

All Else Fails- one step closer

Hello ALL ELSE FAILS FANS, Bird here hope you are all ready to pump up this last weekend of June 2011. As always we hope everyone is going to be getting out and enjoying the live music that is going on all around this great state of Pennsylvania because honestly without the support of our great fans like you then what are we really rocking for. ALL ELSE FAILS is on break this weekend to celebrate the marriage of our singer Dave and his beautiful fiancée Jessica. Even though we will not be out on stage rocking we will be out at some point to help support music somewhere………NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT ALL ELSE FAILS COMES BACK STRONG AT THE SVBT MOTORCYCLE CLUB IN WOOLRICH PA……10PM TILL2AM,……DOIN IT STRONG