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I am Greatful to G.O.D.!

Thank you My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!Thank you for Helping me grow in Love,and for your guidence that is taking precidence in my Life!Thank you for The Love of my life Christina,and my best friend Liono!I know that it is only you who has the power to save us!It is only through Faith in you and Hope that you as my Savior provides!Thank you for every one of your Tender Mercies,and please forgive us as a family for any thoughts,Actions,or Words that may offend you and Deliver us from sin!I need you Jesus,and cannot do it alone!If it be your will,Save us Lord!I know that you have the power to do what I ask!I also Know that Families can be together forever in you!Love RHBICtheProgeny:)

R.H.B.I.C.theProgeny  (over 5 years ago)

I Continue to Give you Praise Lord,as you continue to bless my every footstep in my walk with you!I am very Greatful for the maturity and growth that is taking place in me as I come closer to your everlasting Light!I am now Called R.H.B.I.C.the Progeny,..The Red Head Brother in Christ!I surrender myself to you Father God in the Beloved Name of your only Begotton Son Jesus Christ!I also Thank you for the recent Covenant that has been Made in my Marriage to my Wife,and also for the blessing of our Baby on the way!There is no one Like you Father God and you are Deserving of All my Praise!!You Are God and your Son Jesus Christ is my Salvation Amen!!I give you my Life and Rejoice in your Almighty Power to continue changing my heart and cleansing it in Jesus Name Amen!!