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Sergio Heyyyyy I simply looove listening to you... and there are some amazing songs... take you ...oh probably every song...)))

Nichole Lefler You guys rock man . I hope to see you live ! Every song I have listened has been nothing but awesome ! You guys rock ! Keep it going and don't stop !!! Keep it loud and in your face !!!

Carlo Guys!!! I have a dream! I want to go to your show in 2014! I'll keep an eye on your schedule and please let me know when and where your future gigs will take place. I'm a huge fan and i'll bring an army of supporters with me. Carlo :)))

Mabel Quinn love your Take You!! hope to hear more from you guys soon!! Keep on rocking and people will always want more!

Tom Bolden Doing great, listening to open your eyes over and over, amazing work!

Shane Abbey I believe you guys do some great shows. I hope to attend one someday. Can't wait to hear Take You live. You are awesome:)

Kendra Hanke I love the tunes.. cool!!! I like it from the 1st day I heard you! my favourite tack of yours is Take You If you have uploaded any new video or tune, please don't forget to let me know. peace. kendra

Karen Snider Thanks guys for bringing us ur music!!!! You deserve NUMBER ONE - we are ready and waiting for new songs. Now I push the play button for Take You and pump up the volume! all the best!

Hans Muller YOU got all what it takes to reach a stardom. Keep working hard and stay humble. Your message deserves to be heard across the earth and You'll HAVE my support ALWAYZ! it's all about loyalty to your music and your fans! stay true like you ol'ready do!

Effie Bahlo hey i never thought i will come across such a great masterpiece here on number one music, i have to admit a new talent on the rise. i'm so tired of the same old melodies and you're like a breath of fresh air.

Arnal Yseult I can call your song take you (mastered) the anthem of my day today..