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1,500th SHOW!

Wow, it's been a great 5 years of performing music throughout the Twin Cities. I just recently played my 1,500th show at a local sandwich shop. I'm getting pretty good at this 'playing music' thing.

1,000th Show!

Since 2010, I've been performing music non-stop and have come to a big milestone: GIG #1,000! Such a GRAND number. The changes I've gone through since my first few shows is unbelievable. I cringe when I hear myself from years past. Time changes everything and singing songs is no exception. I'm sure in 1,000 more shows, I'll cringe reading this post :) . Oh well, time changes everything!

Music Vlog Week 8

It's time to put on my big boy pants! Today is Tax Day and I owe Uncle Sam a pretty penny. Actually around 100,000 pennies. I knew it was coming because I have to be very detailed about my earnings every year. It's not easy to be a self-employed musician who follows the rules, but I have to have a solid foundation if I want this music business to take off. I don't think this link will work, but still, here it is: http://youtu.be/YRflVzgysq8

Music Vlog: Week 2

Back to the Vlog (Video Web Log)! This Week is about Setting Goals and features the song, "Annalise Elizabeth" Check it out on the homepage.

Four Albums in One Year

In the year 2013, I set out to create four full albums of music. I am glad to announce that this goal was accomplished. I am uploading all of the songs recorded from the albums Blue Winter, Green Spring, Yellow Summer, and Red Fall. They will be available for streaming and purchasing right here on Reverbnation or my website www.benaaronmusic.com


I look forward to creating four more albums in 2014.

Minneapolis Television Network

I was recently asked to perform for the Minneapolis Television Network show, "Open Mic with Oz Yanez". The show has been recorded and will air in Minneapolis on channel 17 sometime in December. Oz was kind enough to give me the raw footage to put online, and I will be releasing one video every so often. I'll start by uploading "Johnny on the Go" to my YouTube page and hope you subscribe for the future videos.

500th Show Celebration

I celebrated my 500th live show last month. I almost can't believe it! I've learned that when you dedicate all of your time and effort into performing music, those seemingly impossible dreams become attainable goals through hard work.

I made a montage with all of the pictures and videos taken by my friends, fans, and family at a handful of my live shows. I put it on YouTube and you can join the celebration here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVEkDj4WReM

I will continue my efforts and bring new music to my shows in the future. (Working on a new CD!)

Your Songster, -Ben Aaron

First Radio Interview

I had my first radio interview online at Calm Anarchy Promotions. Check it out here at http://www.calmanarchypromotions.com/interviews-2.html I was a bit nervous, but I know I will do better with each interview that I have in the future. It was a success! I promoted my new song and video and plugged my website which is, of course, www.benaaronmusic.com Thanks for everyone who listened and watched my new video. Have a great day, everyone.

New Videos on YouTube!

I am uploading new videos every week to my YouTube channel. One series I've created is called "Songster Tips", where every Tuesday I showcase a new tip that will help you become a more successful professional musician! Search YouTube for "Ben Aaron Music"

A Taxpaying Musician

368 gigs in 2011 alone! WOW. Today, I'm getting ready for a meeting with my tax person. This will be interesting... I have kept an extensive record of every penny I've spent on business materials, every mile I've driven to performances, and all the money that has come my way! Whatever happens will certainly be a learning experience, be it positive or negative.