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The New CD - Professor Doghair & The Captivating Miss Kitty

Awesome day in the studio yesterday. We (Dixie Rodeo) are getting close to finishing CD#2 featuring the Americana music we love: South meets West, Renegade Folk, Tex Mex, Spaghetti Western.....

Great Show

Went to see Andy King Summer Solstice last night and wow! The band had me exploring music outside the box. It was a great night to immerse in something completely different and be inspired.

The Latest

I've been working on my solo material a mix of Americana originals, traditional blues and spoken word. Think Bessie Smith, Tom Waits, & Lucinda Williams in a spicy gumbo.

Doing another live recording this afternoon with my band Red Afternoon. Hoping to finish my 3rd CD soon.

I'm so very thankful for the community of musician friends that I have here. They are truly talented and genuinely beautiful people.


Doing a live recording this weekend with the band. Adding about 4-5 more songs to the already recorded live stuff for my next CD. I love the energy of the live recording. The guys are adding so much, and it sounds wonderful. We recorded one of Lucinda's songs, and it came out so good, I might have to add it to the CD.

January 2011

Working on a Jingle with my friend and fellow songwriter Terry Whitehead. There is a chance that it also may end up as a song when all is said and done. It's percolating. Terry & I have also been collaborating on other song called Hopeless Love which we plan to play out with our band Gates of Eden soon. Last night, we practiced for the upcoming recording of a Demo. We'll have some great tunes and interesting covers to post so stay tuned. On the musical geek front, I just finished reading Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey's Biography. Those women were true pioneers in the biz and a great inspiration. Next up Bob Dylan's Chronicles. If you read it, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Gates of Eden does a lot of his tunes, so I wanted to be up on my Bob. "I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I'll die like a poet." Bob Dylan