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last gig with our interim drummer Frank

Komende zaterdag onze laatste gig met onze interim drummer Frank Ruisch Drums, vette gigs met hem gehad, er word gezocht naar een nieuwe drummer, vacature is open ;-) , maar eerst gaan we verder met de 3e CD opnemen \,,/ --- Coming saturday our last gig with our interim drummer Frank Ruisch Drums, we had some awesome gigs with him, we are searching for a new drummer now, vacancy open :-), but first we will continue with the recording of the 3rd CD \,,/

Thrashed To Kill

For all you physical cd enthusiasts and old school Thrash Metal fans cd ''Thrashed To Kill'' € 7. Featuring Josh Christian ( TOXIK Metal ) Digital copy of ''Thrashed To Kill'' € 5 or available at all major stores. http://projectpain.bandcamp.com/album/thrashed-to-kill

Project Pain at YouTube

Project Pain at YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectPainMetal/videos

Metal Storm Awards 2015

The Best Thrash Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2015 http://metalstorm.net/awards/categories.php?cat_id=18

New videoclip with live footage

Project Pain (Official) - Flatline Invasion https://youtu.be/1hLyz844fiA

review by Dutchmetalmaniac​

And another awesome review by Dutchmetalmaniac​ - Thrash metal in the way it used to be with their own original touch and a lot of variation. Definitely a very good thrash metal album.


review by Metalhead.it

Late but awesome review by Metalhead.it 7 - Lo stile di quella bella copertina è eloquente, quanto il nome della band e il titolo dell’album: thrash metal a tutto spiano. Thrash metal old style http://www.metalhead.it/?p=56920

Review by Rock Hard

👊 Review by Rock Hard - Táák, toto je európsky thrash ako remeň. Má všetky ingrediencie ako kvalitný zvuk gitár, ktoré režú do živého


Listen to your favorite Project Pain song at Spotify....

Listen to your favorite Project Pain song at Spotify....


But there will always be that old school saviors like...

Awesome review by Metal Temple​ 7 - But there will always be that old school saviors like PROJECT PAIN who will show you the song naked and easy on the ears, and in Thrash – all you need to do is just blast out with an album title like “Thrashed To Kill”.