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Singer. Born July 05, in Pretoria, South Africa. The youngest of 3 children he grew up in a close-knit musical family. His parents got married a week after they met and lived happily ever after. His Father being Jaco’s biggest critic passed away suffering from a heart attack on a tour bus while holding His wife’s hand. At the age of 7, Jaco sang the leading female vocals of the king and I, sitting next to the stage with the actress on stage playing the part! He was described by the media as a little nightingale. By the age of 12, Jaco Went to the Drakensberg Boys Choir and stayed there till the age of 15. Travel and touring throughout South Africa, Namibia and Malawi. As a 12 year old boy sang at the opening of the Maharani Hotel in Durban. In 1979, Jaco started his high school career in Nelspruit where he carried on with voice training under Isabel Abers and received his certificate for Studying Music Singing from the University of South Africa. He soon became popular and well known as someone with a warm and powerful voice getting several A+ and B++ certificates at the yearly Eisteddfod’s. Jaco received a Prestige award in his final year of schooling and was described as one of South Africa’s best voices! Jaco studied Opera under Emma Renzi and sang professional for two years singing the leading tenor roles in Le Nozzi di Figaro, Bastien und Bastienne, Die Taube flute and also did solo performances as a Lyric Tenor. Jaco soon realized that there is little future in South Africa in Opera singing and started singing Ballads. The singer made his debut on SABC TV with Casper de Vries and recorded his First Single CD through Vandor Record Company. After a few years’ hiatus, Jaco is now ready to return to the Music industry to share his amazing talent with the rest of the world