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Sad Loss of our Singer

I'm sorry to announce at this time. It took a week for me to get to this page.

It is with the most sobering and profound sadness to have to announce this.

Our singer and closest friend of 20 years+ passed away this morning at 12:30am. Glenn suffered a massive stroke on Friday August 4, 2016. He was unable to recover.

I've lost one of my closest and dearest friend today. The world is a little darker today.

Rest in peace Glenn. You are already missed.


NoNo Bad Dog

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to say "Thanks Again" for all the support on the CookRS360 project over the past years. While I'll probably do something with it from time to time, the focus is on our new band "NoNo Bad Dog." Feel free to re-connect at www.reverbnation.com/nonobaddog

We decided to put out a couple of "pumped up" mixes to go ahead and get something out to let the world know that we're plugging away at it and give a feel for what we're doing. And plus to let everyone know I'm not dead!! ;-)

Our band is pretty much a fun type of straight forward rock 'n roll band. I wanted to put together a band that was focused more on rocking and having fun, but also take ourselves serious enough to write some decent tunes. Well, we're on our way!

We're still in the recording/studio phase with a minor setback...but we'll get the rest of the songs done eventually. Right now we're looking to get out with some other bands and do a little rock'n!

So for now, they who enjoy it stream your little hearts out! For those not into it, thanks for stopping by! Remember, we all still need to support each other ;-)

Cook ;-)

Tony McAlpine: Cancer Benefit

I received a tweet today and I'm trying to help get the word out. I'm sure there will be more to come...

Last summer I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Lonero with Tony McAlpine on tour.

Shortly after the tour, it was announced that Tony was diagnosed with cancer. There is an upcoming benefit in his honor. Please click the link below for details. As I become aware of details through social media, I will post accordingly.


For those that wish to support, please visit the link, or friend Tony with some kind words. He's given of himself to music. Let's give back to him.


Wine 'n Weeds: Update

Wine 'n Weeds is looking towards the studio in Late 2015. While we're aiming towards that, we're looking to open for other bands in Columbus, Ohio region, earn some street "cred", get it out there, and HAVE SOME FUN! Let the Holiday Season Begin!!

Hit me up for details!

Cook ;-)

Wine 'n Weeds 8/15/2015

MAN! I almost completely forgot about this site! First, thanks for all the fan hook-ups the past year. I've been pretty tied up with our new project, "Wine 'n Weeds" and we're doing our FIRST show together as a band on 8/15/2015 at O'Sheckies Live in Columbus, Ohio. We go on around 9:00 as the opener for the show...gotta grow somewhere ;-)

$5.00 show for 21 and up, $8.00 for Under 21 to 18.

Now that I'm done with my shameless promotion...

The band has taken about two years to grow together. I hit my local area to try and find like minded local musicians, and could just simply never find a "home." SO, a few members of the old cover band, a couple of bass players later and we're on our way!

So my apologies for not really keeping up on this end...but I promise more updates are coming soon! ...But only the good ones ;-)

Take care and thanks for all the support the past several years. Just goes to show, rock doesn't happen over night!!

ROCK FOR RUBEN: 8/20/2014

I got word via facebook that a friend of mine has friend that is a guitar tech that works in the industry. The unsung heroes behind the concerts we go to see, and aspire to be as musicians, no matter our stage. Now, RUBEN VELASCO has been diagnosed with stage four cancer out of no where. I never met him, I don't know him, and I don't care that I don't! Cancer is personal, whether you know them or not. Too many of us have been touched by this disease. As musicians, knowing the reality of what we do and why we do it, we never see something like this coming. Rick Springfield and John 5 are throwing a benefit concert at the Hollywood House of Blues on August 20th 2014. So we have 20 DAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Since it's 20 days, I can't make the show, I'm in for $20.00. HOW ABOUT YOU? 20 Days, $20.00 to show your support for a fellow artisan and take care OF OUR OWN!! Simply go to the below link and click to read the story and make a donation. More details to be announced as they happen. AUGUST 20th 2014!!! ROCK FOR RUBEN!!! http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/rick-springfield-and-john-5-host-benefit-for-guitar-tech/48120

Kissing Statues

THE DAY IS HERE!!! This is the "Official Video" for 'Kissing Statues.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBmuiMmYLYE

A second video version will be released in the very near future featuring "Primitive Streak," so be looking for that as well...SPECIAL THANKS TO "LA MAX" for all of his help as well on the video! It takes a village people! The song is available on i-Tunes and was put out on the label S4 Music/Core Productions.

To me, this song is a GREAT cross generational tune that relates to everyone of us at one time or another. I'm honored to be a part of Primitive Streak and look forward to putting out more tunes with the gig!

As always...STICK AROUND!

Cook ;-)

Update: 1/27/2014

Hello Everyone! Well, 2014 is coming in like a proverbial lion! There will be a video coming out soon with the band "Primitive Streak" that I will be in/on some bass guitar, so be looking for that. The song is called "Kissing Statues" with the vocals/song writing of Adrian Grimes. WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THIS GUY'S VOICE!! I'm REALLY excited to be a part of this one so check back or like the page on facebook for updates. https://www.facebook.com/PrimativeStreak In addition to that, I've been at work with a new line up of old friends working on all original tunes! The current band is called "Stratton Road" and we've got about four in the hopper. Right now we're still working on the material and hopefully will get some recording done in the near future, possibly Spring.


Update: 9/11/2013

I didn't realize it was one month to the day since my last post! Well, the interview content isn't really panning out too well as most can stop by and tell, but we'll keep working on it!

As 2013 begins to wind down, We're gearing up to make 2014 a much better year. The veteran's charity that I was bouncing back and forth on for the past year and half is starting to take shape and gain a little steam. The name of it is called "Operation: Tone 11." We hope to have this up and running in 2014. It's starting out small, but I hope it has a major impact.

I'll have the blog up and running this weekend and eventually get geared up for a web site. So check it out when I post.

Musically, there hasn't been too much going lately. I'm back with some members of my old band and we're taking a stab at some originals. This is pretty new territory for the four of us and I'm back on bass. I actually didn't realize how much I missed that Fender Jazz Bass! That thing THUMPS!!

So stick around and I'll continue to post my updates on the appropriate sights.

Cook ;-)


I'm re-leasing this tune after some additional work to it. An original bass track I did was found prior to the arm injury. I re-mixed it, left out the fluff, and keeping it R-A-W!...Cook