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Crazy Week

I will have a preview up of my latest recording soon! Sorry for being late everyone! Life has been hectic!

This week is going to be crazy wonderful!

I play with Mike Blasucci tonight from 7 til 10pm at Fred's.

Tuesday night - Frankie Colt & The .45s will be performing at Pelican Larrys Pine Ridge from 10pm til 1am

Wednesday - Open mic at Weekend Willie's from 7:30 til 10:30 or later

Thursday - Open mic at South Street City Oven and Grill from 9pm til 1am

Friday night - J Law (fiddle) and I will be performing at Patio De Leon in Fort Myers from 6:30 til 9:30pm!

Coffee & Cigarettes EP OUT NOW!!

I DID IT! I FINALLY RECORDED AN EP ALBUM! The name of my EP album is called "Coffee & Cigarettes" and it's based off a song I wrote. I wrote this song "Coffee & Cigarettes" based off a movie scene I had saw with Wynona Ryder in it. She was off hanging out with a guy whom she was smitten with and I told myself that day, this inspires me, I want to write a song about it. The name alone sent so many ideas through my brain and then I really tied the two together. So I wrote a song about just going off, getting coffee, smoking cigarettes and indulging in a conversation with a guy who you can't get enough of and falling madly IN LOVE. While writing it, I was actually sitting there thinking about couples I knew personally and who inspire me and how they do smoke and get caffeinated together. How they love the taste of nicotine on each others breath. To me, there was something very romantic about it. Well wait, there's more songs on this EP! I'm not just blowing smoke... (ha, get it). I did my own rendition of a few traditional songs. Traditional songs are according to wikipedia (yeah! I used wikipedia, go tell a teacher) - one meaning often given is that of old songs, with no known composers; another is music that has been transmitted and evolved by a process of oral transmission or performed by custom over a long period of time. So I did traditionals such as "Darling Corey" and "Cluck Ole Hen". On this EP is another original song called "You Had It Coming" and it's a very dark song. I'd go into details but you should listen for yourself. I also did a cover of "Such Great Heights" which is originally sung by The Postal Service. I covered this for my good friends.

I was going for a really western sound on this CD. I've been playing folk music for awhile now but it has touches of newgrass. The CD has 6 songs total including an intro. This EP is only just a taste of what is yet to come.



Hey everyone! I'm starting a kickstarter project i'll be launching soon so keep our eyes and ears open! Now I'm off to celebrate my birthday! Love you all!

-Frankie Colt