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New SHP website launch

The new SHP website is online here www.steelhookprostheses.blogspot.com

Two SHP albums set up for digital distribution,,

Steel Hook Prostheses has just submitted two rare albums for digital distribution. Both are from the year 2007 on two seperate Italian labels. Both titles had a very limited pressing and had very little distribution within the USA. First is "Hell Hospital" released 2007 on Nil By Mouth, second is "Wounds Bathed In Piss Water released 2007 by Blade Records. Keep an eye out for these recordings coming soon on all the major digital media sites..



A quick rundown of what's in the pipeline for SHP....We have a couple cassette releases about to drop.. also a 2CD digipak with our first three 3" releases on it, all the stuff from the Texas Vinyl compilation from RRRecords, early tracks from a 2001 Open Wound Compilation and a ton of live stuff. About half way through with new Metaconqueror full length material label to be determined. When that's done will start working on a new full length SHP proper CD release for Malignant Records. March 5th the new Defiler cd comes out. I did vocals and sound layering for a few tracks on that, fans of SHP definately need to check this out. Also have completed work for a split 7" with Demonologists label yet to be determined... Talking with Bereft about doing a split release.. If anyone wants to chime in with additional details feel free.. This is a lot of shit to keep up with!

SHP on Reverb Nation

Thought we'd try this out over here. Myspace seems pretty worthless these days. Seems pretty cool so far.. J