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Livin' At Risk Mixtape

Livin' At Risk is the next SOLO mixtape I will be dropping! A few featured artist will be on my mixtape, so far as the date 9/6/2011 from Cheyenne, Wy; I have Loc Z, Ghost, DJ Ray Ray & Leonard E are the features. This mixtape will have a couple more features before the final track. This mixtape will have 19 tracks! Reason is because it will drop Dec. 3rd, 2011; of course my 19th birthday so 19 tracks! Daymn, alot of work but alot of work from my heart and soul. If the final recording in any track dont cut it for me, then it dont cut it for publicity, it will be left for my lost tapes when im gone. I do NOT plan on leaving for a minute, so you will keep hearing of B-Risk for years to come. Make sure everyone listens to my last track recorded in the 307, called 307 Diss. Thats my latest track as of the date above. I will keep you updated and enjoy the music!

The Rise of Latin District

The Rise of Latin District, is a project me and Ghost came across, Ghost is a local rapper in Herminston, Orgeon. The idea mainly came from B-Risk(me) & Ghost having a latino heritage. We thought of the idea as a team to get an indie record label going (Latin District Records), after that we decided to drop our first mixtape and name it The Rise of Latin District....and thats it just stay tuned on my websites and i will keep music coming as long as i can talk..haha and everyone enjoy da muzik!