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What's New? A LOT!

This summer has been amazing! MAY: We started writing and re-structuring song ideas for our 2nd trip to Starlight Studios. JUNE: We shot our first official music video for the song "Angel Eyes" with directors Jess Orsburn and Michael Townley of Apple Inc. (New York). We got to take a trip into the past as late 1920's American Gangsters. The video is still in post-production in New York, and we hope to information on a scheduled release in the coming weeks. JULY: We made our second trip to Orlando, FL to finish our EP with producers Evan Coffman and Brock Berryhill at Starlight Studios. The trip was nothing short of amazing (both inside and outside of the studio). We can't wait to head back in late December / early January to finish up our first full-length album! AUGUST: We've had a great time reaching new fans through the gradual release of our new singles! We still have one more single to release, so we need all of our fans to keep spreading the word as far as they can and as often as possible!