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Devil Told Me: Rise of the Circle of Strength

The circle is strong. It must remain that way. MC will be occupying RDL soon enough. The time is now for final touches. The set needs to come together and it needs to get tight.

The choice has been made to start right and bright. Likely Days are upon us and the train moves into town in 2nd slot. The Watchman perches on the top of the trees ready to eliminate any dissidents. The meat and potatoes of the set will be full of extended riffing and interplay.

We have not come this far to hold anything back. Foot stomping should be expected. As should a bottle of whiskey and a few pints of mead. Miles Country gears up for one final session tonight before Thursday's appointment with the devil.

Grab your six-shooter and your uniform. This one is for the Country...

Miles Country

Red in the Face: The Devil and a Mission

Table is set for the next excursion.

We're headed to the Lounge to show are talents to the next tier.

It should surprise no one, least of all Mr. Romney, that MC should do well in the upcoming exchanges on Polk and in the Mission. The Country is sure to turn out the freak vote; and with an army of angry young fans carrying signs and barking slogans we'll prove once and for all that this campaign will make good on it's promise to raise a ruckus.

The Gulch is our destination tonight. 4 of the five banshees descending on one small target for a feast of evening melodies and PHD solo's. It's time to buckle down and lock in the revelry - the Devil doesn't like impersonators.

We're gassing up the Country bus and hauling the Mead. It's show time in the City, and Pat Riley is riding shottie' with a greased up paper hat and an ice cold 40oz.

Winter of 2012: Political Lechery, Southern Comfort, and Snipers

There is no telling where this year will take us. A great potential exists in new songs featuring deep south narratives of gambling, risk taking, and river boating. The backdrop of occupation and resistance, the upcoming elections, braided with a hint of the possibility of utter and complete Mayan ruin, will surely influence the Country in the coming weeks and months.

The Watchman is currently on high alert as winds of revolution touch even the most arrogant of police states.

All of this is a lot for the Country to take in. After all, we continue to practice in the basement of a Laundromat where neighborhood parking can be difficult.

Our diplomatic visits to the Irish Republics the last few weeks have confirmed that Miles Country is everybody's country. We've been called many things over the course of the last few months, our recent host dubbing us as an 'alternative country;' an alternative, a choice for the roots.

Call us what you will but don't call us late for the party. It's been a great last few months riding with the Gold Diggers, sipping biodynamic beverages with the sheep; Canada, oh Canada, ringing in the holidays with Banjo Crush, and going ambassador with Kitchen Fire. The Old Crow clearly hasn't died and that's good news for the auto-tune resistor comrades.

"Fallout comes, listen closely now, as the clouds roll in and the shadows yell, it's begun..."


Trolling off the Barbary Coast

Excitement continues to build this week. Sunday we spoke in foreign tongues about the oncoming war for water. The reality is war has to breathe. Just ask the military industrial complex. They’ve been inhaling ever since we were kids.

Preparations continue tonight. It’s time to run through the serious seven; a series of events and places, time, and shapes, that begins with our favorite porpoise and ends with a crescendo that eerily captures the current mood of the Country.

Utah is on the border of our waking thoughts – its creaky wood slats, the powder of its legacy dusted across the crow’s feet of our imaginations. There can be no apology expected, in regards to reeling in the biggest reaction of the night; we wouldn’t be out there on the seas if that were the case.

It’s hook against hook and we’re aiming to have the sharpest.

The crew is feeling limber and ripe with anticipation. There’s a hunger on the lips of each and every member to setout and make something happen.

It’s time to make a name for the vessel.

It’s time again for Miles Country.


All Aboard: Mr. Wilson, Dennis and Goin' Away

There is a distinct possibility that tonight could generate the single biggest series of fundraising donations in the history of the Country. If the brigades of free thinking individuals that rule the streets can make the choice to stand together and fight this war there is no telling what might result. Consequently, there also exists the black-cat under the ladder infection that has cursed the MC so recently when visiting Polk St. We can change the world or burn ourselves to the ground. It's all relevant as the beach falls from the bay.

Seems there's been a lot of media cover of the Country these days and there's no telling what hollywood big shot might be thirsting to take a swig of the Miles Country money machine revenue. Greatest hits can come early and late in a career. Longevity. That's what creates the most # 1's.

The band is quite at home in the studio and there's a newly renewed sense of learning something new when we go into that 2-room-and-a-hallway analog infused hideout. Good old Gulch ally is sounding like a very enticing idea right now.

The ovens are sure to be cooking. Food and good drink await tonight as KBB and MC go on stage for another screening. It's an ever-changing picture-show up on that terrace. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Time to turn this series around.


Summer 2011: Joe is known, Frenchspeak, and the Rhythm has Flown

It's that time of year again, when the hills start to brown, the rain begins to offer up it's last swansong, and the local speakeasy is bustling with great pith - the French Pithiness that makes all Club promoters feel anxious and somewhat maleducated. Miles Country finds itself swimming in all the aromas and sights of the summer of 2011. It's time to sharpen the tools in the song-shed and properly prepare for what comes next... There are undercurrents of a new 'roots' music pandemic taken hold of this nation. Miles Country, and Pistol Sunrise before them, has only ever been about getting a firm grip back on what has been lost -intelligent storytelling at the expense of autotune and artificial mumbo jumbo. The preamble up to this point has only been a taste of what is truly left to come. 'Nothing's worth doing if it ain't done right.' Look to the west, look to the coast of the golden state, look for Miles Country, to set the table, and fill your plate...

Atari, Moonbeam Shots, and Bread Crumbs: The Long Twisted Saga of Reverb!

The most recent llama episode is now well behind us; yet there continues to be a lingering fear that so much free time, alone time, so to speak, will lead to another flogging incident..accupncture can only do so much. All five of us made it to the recording session(s) these past few weeks, credit to Nanuk the skin-smith for fighting off the pain, and despite a few Friday night hiccups, there's a collective sentiment of a job well done. It's worth noting, however, that the acoustic rhythm guitar, laid down with unabated tenacity, was too much for the feeble analog system of said East Bay establishment; 'he rocked too hard' was heard through out the hallways...'did you see the smoke billowing out of his ears?' was murmured over cheap nacho cheese in the student cafe. We're on schedule to return this Friday to finish her off, now that six-figure repairs have been made to the studio; and one can rest assured that our gun slingers will walk in fully loaded and ready to lay it down: Mandolin, Electric guitar, and of course our dear German friend Mr. Horsch Falfenffenburg Glockenspiel. Miles Country remains focused on the recording at hand, but is keeping the next live performance simmering softly on the 2nd front burner. On May 20th we return to Kimo's on Polk, the locale of the first-ever SF Miles Country show. We need YOU to turn out and make this show a success, be there to help us foster in the new era of roots music..and be the first to get your hands on Miles Country merchandise. This could be Likely Days... -MC-

Strange Winds of the April Song Sessions: Miles Country Riding High

Since we last reported on the progress of the Country, it's been a busy month of Make Out Room tribulation, where we kicked it with homegrown San Fran roots people in the mission, laid it down at the Bazaar Cafe with our boys Wall Cutthroat, and then jammed out last night @ Mojitos in a worth cause for the children of Garfield Elementary. We're heading back to the studio to bring you a few more quality tracks and it's worth pointing out that our percussive wonderkid - C.F. Firehockens - is dealing with some physical limitations. We won't go into detail, but let's just say there was a llama, a snorkel, and some bowling that put him in one hell of a condition. He's a trooper though... CF will be doing his thing as we harbor in the midnight mayhem. Look for the tracks to be mixed and released in the coming weeks... Paz, MC

Mission: Make Out Room 4/2

Miles Country gears up for a new venue and another great night of live music. This is a special show since we'll be celebrating Spirit Vibrations CEO T.R. Hunt's birthday! So far the tune up is going well; we've got the usual back spasams, missing monitors, and powder monkey shannanigans going on, and we're putting the long Peri's set on P90x to trim her down and get her tight as hell. April is a busy month for your Country, so stay tuned to the site(s)as we'll be playing a low acoustic set on 4/10, an SF elementary school fundraiser on 4/21, and recording at E'xpression again come the last two Fridays of the month. As always, stay up and stay radiation free... -Miles Country-

Prepping for Peri's

Less then two weeks out from the Peri's gig... Rehersals have been telling a tale: Miles Country at Peri's Silver Dollar Bar is going to be one rockin' good evening of tunes, brews, and baboons. Marin County is the spiritual home of two of our founding members and there is an increasing anticipation that grows with fervor as the 15th draws near. In honor of the night, we will be playing our set fully garbed in the attire of NASA astronauts, and as we take one small step for Miles Country, it's one huge step for bringing back roots jams!!! -MC-