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Why Rap?

A couple days ago I was asked, "why did you choose to rap?" I told the person that asked... " I didn't choose rap, God gave me the gift to use for his glory." I grew up around music from Sisqo to Lecrae. "I know, why those two artist in the same sentence?" Well because Sisqo was the first rap album I really listened to. Anyway I loved music and I now do the same and hope to share Jesus through this media outlet. not much of a blog, but it's something. "The Moment" will be ready for your ears this summer, Love You All.


This Whole Week Has Been Great So Far!!!!!! Mon, Did nothing and watched Monday Night Raw, I'm A big WWE Fan!!!! Tues. Went to Nexus and it was just great!!!!! Wednesday. I went to TNCC and Had Bible Study with some awesome People, wish I went to the school but I don't. Today I will Be visting some old friends, Friday really don't know yet because we haven't gotten there. Saturday, I will be at a prayer meeting Yay!!!!! I always like going to those :). Sunday!!!! Is My Birthday!!!!! :)..... Church Day Always enjoy church :)..... And Superbowl Sunday!!!!!! :) Love this whole week and it's not even over. Starting to write new songs and more, so this year will be great and I hope everyone has a great week and weekend. :) P.S. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Chipotle In My Dreams

Ok I went to Chipotle for the second time ever. It was awesome amazing. That's how that is.... but anyway it was a great day, Had Bible Study and Now I will Be attending my friends concert today. btw Chipotle needs bigger burritos.