The BEST!!!

The very best thing for you is not to have been born, not to exist, to be nothing. The second best thing for you, however, is this: to die soon.



Where for art thou?

Hath thou makest thine holy path of the eternal one? Or hath thou turned against thyself? For there is no division. There is no seperation of thy self from the divine one. Who art the creator if thy hath destroyed thy self...or hath NOT destroyed thy self? Hath thou not seen truth lying in thy self? The hallways of the all ways, as always, will do without. Now...where for art thou?

Live forever or die trying

If we are to extend our lives, clearly they will be aided by use of chemicals and/or life-enhancing drugs. The word "drug", combined with the immortal connotation of the name Dracula, invokes "Taboo" in many conditioned nervous systems. If we are to escape from these mythological, demonized subjects without judgment, then the true nature of immortality can be investigated to become reality simply by changing our own nervous systems in accordance with our own true will. By "changing" our own nervous systems requires a chemical action/reaction that symbolizes a "death/rebirth process" over and over and over keeping energy and form dead AND alive at the same time...for they are the same.

DRUGULA  (over 6 years ago)

What a load of hogwash!