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Fuck Reverbnation

I haven't been able to upload any new songs because Reverbnation changed the size requirements. Everything I've tried is too big. So go check out my Soundcloud or Facebook if you give a fuck. I'm done with this site.


Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that for a limited time you can download ALL OF MY ALBUMS FOR FREE! They will be free for an undetermined amount of time, so get on it while its hot! Just go to the site below and click BUY NOW, then simply type 0. If you would like to make any donations then feel free to type in the amount there. All money goes back into the project so I can buy a new hard drive and keep the music going! https://aurantripp.bandcamp.com


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY! In commemoration of this holiday I put together an original house mix. Its a mixture of house types such as dark house, deep house, and a bit of jungle house. I hope you enjoy this glorious day, and the mix ;-) You can find the mix on Youtube and Mixcloud for free stream, but it is available for a name your price download only on Bandcamp. YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6g7EtZnKww&feature=youtu.be MIXCLOUD: http://www.mixcloud.com/aurantripp/international-peace-day-house-mix-by-auran-tripp/ BANDCAMP(name your price!) http://aurantripp.bandcamp.com/track/international-peace-day-house-mix

Looking to collaborate

I am looking to collaborate on a song or two with other musicians. It would be a great was for us to promote our music. Hit me up if you're interested. Im primarily looking for vocals.

Pride album released!

Well here it is, the album Pride! I remastered everything including my previously released EP tracks Welcome to the Real World, Walls, and 13. So that means they are never before heard versions. Special thanks go out to Johnathon Bastone (from Blut Reaktor) for doing the vocals on Dream Eater. It was a pleasure to work with him. I decided to add more vocals in this album than usual do to fan request. I never claimed to be a vocalist but people want to hear me sing apparently :P This album is over an hour long. If you download it you get the instrumental versions of Living a Lie, Prison for Your Mind, and Dream Eater as a bonus. All I ask is $3. It is free to stream however. http://aurantripp.bandcamp.com/album/pride

Welcome to the Real World (single) FREE DOWNLOAD!

FREE DOWNLOADS! Here is a free single release. A sneak preview of the up coming album Pride(releasing this month!). Welcome to the Real World (single), on Bandcamp, also feature the songs Walls and 13. Welcome to the Real World is a beautifully mastered song with a heavy infulence of dark EBM, Industrial, and gothic club music. Haunting melodic vocals that send chills and heavy sine bass that thrills. Walls(track 2) is speed trance with a touch of a jungle feel. And of course the industrial song 13(track 3) is rich in ambience, haunting sound effects, funky bass, and strategically placed movie samples that tell a story of modern day society, politics and religion. Enjoy and share with your friends! Much Love! ~Auran~ http://aurantripp.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-the-real-world-single

Finally for sale!

I have music for sale now, on band camp. here is the link http://aurantripp.bandcamp.com/