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Cattle Decapatation

5 days away Bend, Or. Hope you all are ready for what should be an amazing show, with some great local acts and of course, Cattle Decap! We'll have copies of our demo "2013" for sale and...

Venue Change!

The Central Oregon MetalFest has changed locations to The Soundgarden, 1279 NE 2nd St. See you there

Central Oregon Metal Fest

One week to go Bend Oregon.. It's been awhile since we've been back there. Hopefully no one tries to kick us out of anywhere or call the cops this time. Deal with it Bend, thats how we roll. On a lighter note, stoked to be playing with some amazing bands from around the state, and maybe there will be an 0DTV short documentary for the festival??.. Stay tuned buds.

Clearing the air..

So theres been alot of internal shit going on with The Entity... Ben broke 2 knuckles in his right hand and Scott was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Well Scott got work release, and Ben doesn't give a fuck, 1st Annual Central Oregon MetalFest WILL have The Entity on June 22nd, see yah soon Bend, Or....

What's going down

The album is coming along, there's a new video "Stairs N Slides" Bass teaser, and we are getting ready for the 1st annual Central Oregon Metal Fest in Bend, Or on June 22nd. So..yeah. There's that..

The Full Length

So here's the deal bitches. Drums and Bass are done, Guitars are at about 80%. Vocals and mixing/mastering is all that remains. Hoping for a summer release, stay tuned!

Phathoms video and more

So we were able to make a shitty live video of the song "Phathoms" this halloween, hope you all enjoy it. We are just about 1/2 way through recording our debut album, name tbd, and we are probably going to release it in January. Stay tuned....