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InterSys - Music In 3D (CD) - OUT NOW!

InterSys - Music In 3D (CD)

01. Earthquake 02. Electro Fever (ft. Ella) 03. Getting Warmer 04. Diving Angels 05. No Music No Life (ft. Ella) 06. Internal Kombustion (ft. Yan) 07. Absulot Tranclucent (InterSys RMX to System Nipel) 08. Simply Life 09. The Beach (InterSys RMX to Bizzare Contact) 10. Free Falls Bonus Track : Reforced (ft. Erik)

Utopia Records & InterSys Music proudly presents "Music in 3D" InterSys's highly anticipated second album.

After reviving raves with a debut album packed with dance floor hits, this talented duo did it again. "Music in 3D" is the reformation of psy fullon music. It successfully combines elements from the psychedelic experience, electro grooves, breakbeat stomps, catchy vocals and ambient atmospheres. This album was fabricated while touring the globe and deeply understanding the growing thirst for innovation coming from the psychedelic nation. InterSys spent all of 2009 creating new tunes and then refining and sifting until this album formed.

And how can you go wrong with tracks like "Earthquake", remix to Bizzare Contact's "the Beach", remix to System Niple's "Absolute Translucent" which are already starring on the live shows. Add to that dance floor killers like the innovative "Getting Warmer", "Electro Fever", "Diving Angels", "No Music No Life", "Internal Kombustion" and "Simply Life" and wrap it up with 2 down tempo tracks like "Reforced" and "Free Falls".

In this album, in addition to the vocals by Ella Doron and Moshe Maman, InterSys have used the vocal talents of Yan Lubin and Erik Forman. All to create a versatile rainbow of colors in the vocal palette. As a result you get 11 tracks which integrate into a story never told before called "Music in 3D".

This album is not only an ear candy but also an eye catcher, as it includes real 3D cover art and inlay that can only be seen using the 3D glasses given free with every CD you buy. In 2010 InterSys and Utopia Records will let you feel music like never before, experience music in 3D!

Buy at: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/utp/utp1cd030.html http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/intersys/id214182302 https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/237660/Music%20In%203D