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Beats For The Rhymes Vol. 1

If you love that Golden Age Hip Hop, preview and download the instrumental from my "Beats For The Rhymes Vol. 1 compilation: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/steelmountainmusic

Calling All Emcees!

I have a show in November (Check my profile pic for details). I want some Emcees in the place to showcase their freestyle or written rhymes over a collage of golden age beats. WE GONNA ROCK THE CIPHER!

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I appreciate you.

Regardless to whom or what...thank you.

Thank You For Your Support.

I would like to thank all for their appreciation of my music and your support. Regardless to whom or what...I thank you.

My appreciation for you.

I personally would like to thank each and every one of you who appreciate and support my music and music endeavors. I send love from my heart to yours. I truly appreciate you. The journey continues with much, much, much more in store. Lets do this!

Steel Mountain Presents: BEATS FOR THE RHYMES Vol. 1

It's back to the future! To all true Hip Hop Heads, It's back to basics. Hip Hop with a Purpose.

Steel Mountain Beats For The Rhymes (BFTR) Vol. 1