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Reflection of the last year

Happy New Year!!! Last year I made some big steps but its not enough. This year I'm going to push myself even more. Biggest achievement was finally getting my 2006-7 album "Diamond In The Rough" on iTunes. So many hoops to jump through. Now I know how to do it, should be just cake forevermore... After years of searching, I feel very comfortable with my sound overall. Still thinking to myself that if I had lessons, wonder how far along would I be? But in that same breath, would I be whom I am today? probably not. Started performing more in 2011. I feel the difference after every show. This is what I'm made to do. Play music for people to enjoy and I continue to get better and better. Its a humbling gift that giving thanks for everyday is not enough. You have to share it too :) Its truly satisfying to give it all you've got, my life's experience and passion. Then they pay you for it, Crazy... Excited on this year gigs already booked. Top memories from shows last year? First was Molly's Irish Pub on St. Patty's Day- Packed house, great atmosphere, lot of fun! 2nd, was McMahons Irish Pub in July- I wasn't expecting such a turnout. A bunch of my family & friends showed up and everyone was dancing all night. I never knew my originals could have such an impact. Special thanks to Harley Rosenbaum and Pat from Brother Bill for jumping in and jamming out with me. 3rd, Red Horse Tavern has to be my favorite place to play in general. I really tested the waters with everything from songs to sound there. Even though the crowds are tough, it has forged me to push harder. Getting away from the shoe gazing, hahaha So, here is to a fresh start and a life changing year! Cheers

Electric communication

My first blog for reverbnation and direct communication from my heart, mind, and soul. This website has been great for me because the platform it is presenting. Honestly, when I first picked up the guitar I never thought about doing all this posting and what not... There was no internet :D Its amazing how far we have come. Who knows were we will end up... All I know is that I was made to make music and I will do so until the day I die. I've come to a point where I don't want my dreams to be just dreams and I feel as if I don't at least put it out there and try I could not live with the thought of what could or might have been. I've listened to the radio and watched TV the last 10 years and can say I know I can do better than that!!! So, here I am taking the steps to where I want and need to be...