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A lot of people ask us "What is your genre?" or "how would you describe the music that you play?" This is a very difficult task due to the fact that over the past 100 years genres have been blended so very much. The other difficulty is that fact that we play a vast array of genres including blues, gypsy jazz, folk, swing, avant-garde, classical, country, Americana, rock, Celtic, Klezmer, polka, Jazz, Vintage music and the list goes on since we are constantly updating our repertoire!


What inspires me to write songs is everything that occurs in daily life whether or not that is based solely on my own personal experiences or on another individual's experience I still draw inspiration from occurrences that inflict some sort of emotion within me

Music, recording, Life

Venturing into new planes of writing music, trying to find out the best sound through trial and error. Should we digitize our music? Add more DJ beats and whatnot or stay true to acoustic folk as much as possible? What are our fans looking for? I hope you are enjoying the music we write and record! Keep your eyes peeled for the new sounds from Roma Ransom. We would love to hear feedback from you on any blog post we put up.


Hello everyone, Thank you so much for tuning in over the year! It's gone by so quickly, we are at once again recording more music!! We are also getting more gigs now more than ever which is extremely exciting!!

A New Year

Hello Y'all, Roma Ransom has been getting up and moving, getting closer to having a press packet together, still looking for shows but we are getting a little more publicity.


We hope to have a really solid full length album out by early to mid summer. We are thinking of the concept for the album as well as the artwork. We are also trying to gig where every we get a chance. Keep your eyes peeled