Still recovering from Mayhem Fest last Sunday. If you were there and saw Transcending Fate play the Sumerian Stage, thank you for your support. The entire day was an honor. We hope to see all of you soon...very soon.

The Next Step

Consider this the quiet before the storm. At least, that's what we hope it is. July 7th, FREE show at Harpo's, could be the next step for Transcending Fate. With out our fans, friends and family coming out in force, it just won't happen. We're busy, alright. Busy getting ready for the oncoming storm that is Transcending Fate. \m/


We know it seems like we've disappeared since Metalfest, but we've actually been busting our asses trying to get ready for the Battle for Mayhem. The setlist is solid. Even if you've heard us before, you'll be surprised. Hope to see you there.

Moving Forward...

Well it seems this project is really coming together 1 new song finished titled "Unrest" so keep an eye out we should have it ready to debut soon..also hope to see our fans at the irock in detriot march 5th come support local music and have a good time... im new to this whole blog thing so i will try to keep busy and keep you posted... Dan-Philosopher Stoned Transcending Fate