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Kristi Salas / Blog

A song is a short story, I have many to tell..."I'll be your Girl"

Hey everyone! Today I was supposed to interview on GlobalRhythmz.com about the story behind my songs. Unfortunately because of technical problems, the interview has been postponed. So I decided to tell you guys, one song at a time, what my music is about.... Today: "I'll be your girl"

This is one of my favorite songs because it's the classic story about letting someone go in hopes of getting them back. It starts out:

"a year ago I had to leave to go off and chase my dreams, and I'll admit I was angry when you didn't fight but knew that you loved me because you did what's right."

This song is about a good friend of mine. I wrote it last summer before he was about to go to Spain. We dated in college, and after I graduated, I decided that I would move to LA to pursue my dreams of being a singer-songwriter. In all honesty- If he had asked me to stay, I would have. He "didn't fight" though. He told me that I should go, and I'm glad I did. Shortly after moving here, I landed a spot on "The Bank of Hollywood" TV show and won the money needed to launch my career and pursue this lifelong dream. A part of me will always be grateful that he helped me make the right decision.

The next part of the song goes: "Now it's my turn to let you go the right path only you will know and it kills me not to say come be near me But I love you so much, I want you to be free"

This next verse is about his opportunity to go to Spain. After he graduated school, he decided to set his mind to music as well, and selfishly I wanted him to pursue it here. I knew I couldn't ask that. Everyone has their own path. (He did eventually go to Spain)

The chorus is pretty self-explanatory: "So go, follow your heart Want you to find yourself whether we're together or apart and take what you want from the world and if you want it when you get back I'll be your girl"

The second verse goes on: "I hope you know the potential you have All the things that you could be I hope you know I'm even prouder of you than you say you are of me and there's nothing that I want more Than to see you succeed And if the situation was reversed I'm sure you'd say the same to me"

This talks about what happened after I won the money and started recording my demo. He kept saying that I was "actually doing it"- I wanted him to know that secretly, I always thought that he was more talented. I wanted him to pursue his dream in his own way.

Bridge: "If I could be honest, I'd tell you, your love is all I lack But I keep it hidden in my heart, because I don't want to hold you back..."

At this point I felt like I had everything I wanted but love

The chorus repeats again

"I'll be your girl, I'll be your girl"

Of course by now, someone else has been his "girl" and I am someone else's "girl"... and of course by now he actually is moving to Los Angeles... but that's another song...("Isn't it ironic?...") haha

THIS song is simple, If you love something- let it go, maybe it will come back...maybe you will just be friends...Maybe you will both get everything you wanted from life...But Always: "Go, follow your heart..."

RJ Riddle
RJ Riddle  (almost 5 years ago)

That is a very heartfelt story behind that song. It hits me because I've been through a similar situation. It may be a late saying but Ihope it all worked out for u

Digee  (over 3 years ago)

Nice story Kristi.. lovely song.. The Bridge works perfectly with it!

Thank You to everyone

It's 3:25 in the morning, and I'm suddenly inspired. After listening to some of my newest recordings, I realize how fortunate I really am to be out here. Everyday I get to focus on what I love, and for the first time in my life, I feel like there is an actual reason that I am here on this earth. I finally feel like I have purpose. My efforts and the efforts of those who are supporting me will not be wasted. This I promise. Thank you to everyone, especially my fans- this week you helped me jump hundreds of spots on the charts locally and tens of thousands of spots globally. Thank you also to my dad who has done so much to help me. I remember when this was a distant dream- now it is my life. Until next time, Kristi

April 4, 2011

I'm sitting at my kitchen table right now in my small but comfortable calabasas apartment. There are flowers on the table but they are wilting, and the sun outside my balcony simply taunts me as I contemplate how on earth I'm going do this. It's been over two months since I quit my job as a cosmetics manager to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter and until today, I feel as if I haven't made much progress. I'm afraid to leave my computer- what if I'm not working hard enough? What if I'll never have enough fans to be taken seriously- or worse what if no one likes my music? It's a gutsy jump off a high cliff in this business and you either go for it or you don't- and then you'll either make it or you won't. Well I jumped- I'm free falling, and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Swimming in air and getting nowhere. When I start to get an idea about what to do next, I wonder if the extra effort will even be worth it. But the truth is, there really isn't any other option for me. If I moved out to Los Angeles and all I ever did was work at the mall, the cliff I would be jumping off right now would be a lot less metaphorical. I gave up a lot to get here- I left love behind, friends, family, relationships. I refuse to regret this. So that's it I guess- I jumped a long time ago, and I'm going to have to take this to the end, without looking back. There is no choice but water now or else I may land on solid rock.