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Falling Tide Performance Video Posted

The video of ‘Falling Tide’ from the open mic night at Malelani Cafe in Ventnor, NJ is now posted on youtube, facebook, and reverb nation. It was filmed in October of 2010 on my second visit to Malelani. I get to the Jersey Shore any chance I can, and Ventnor is situated in between some of my favorite spots. Their open mic is the first and to date the only one I’ve checked out in the area. Fortunately, it has all the right things going for it. Bobby is a great host and a great guy who’s been performing his whole life and takes a real interest in other people’s stuff. It’s a good space with good food, a good staff, a great mix of acts (comedy, spoken word, music), and a reachable audience. They might talk right over your first song, but if you follow it up with Miserlou, they might quiet down and ask you to stay up for an extra song .