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Dreamers of the Day

Sounds are changing. Listen to your favorite band or artist, select one song from their first album and one from their latest. There's no way that they'll sound the same. Music changes over time, and the band has to adapt to keep up with it. It's a melodic survival of the fittest. I'm really proud of my idol Noel Gallagher and his new album, "High Flying Birds". I'm starting to make a song similar to AKA...What a Life! because its so interesting to see the writer of Wonderwall creating such a different yet brilliant tune. Be on the look out for more music coming your way. If you have any suggestions or ideas, leave a comment!

The Songwriting Proccess

Trying to think of more material to write down. I have about a million songs scrapped to the side, but maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I can't turn into the next Noel Gallagher overnight. I should find some good songs I've thrown aside and make them sound better. Either way, I'm in for some songwriting.