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ear drainage

Diggin the ol"grimy punk shit,but gatta admit, listening to heavy riffage like Dave Gilmore on meth makes for a good afternoon on the couch


******* Thanks to everyone who came out to Luckey's last night,...We had a blast with old friends and new ones.It wouldn't be the same without you. Cheers !******

last week was ill.

So Heffe, Walker Texas, left for Idaho last sunday, and we are all sad to see him go. As things would have it, we wish him the best. Not to worry, as we are planning to move ahead and continue with our "NOISE!!!!". Oh, and Sam,, we sold our last hat to some kid at the festival last weekend. We still got shirts, many sizes, and i'll work on getting more hats soon.

track layin' time!

pleased to announce we will be recording tomorrow and continuing with the production for our next LP. But!, before that , we R happy to announce the mixing for our seven inch is done,... we just need the vinyl to press it...... hhhmmm, .....

cinco de mayo aftermath

thanks everybody for hanging out last night,, it was fun... Stein was excellent and Orion kicked ass! We busted out some new tunes for the first time, and look forward to playing them again this summer. Join us in two weeks at Wandering Goat,, all ages early show at 8pm............

upcoming events

We r happy to announce a couple upcoming events, 1st with a Cinco de Mayo show comin' up soon at sam bonds garage, (May 5th for the hearing impaired) , :) .... and two weeks later at the Wandering Goat, Saturday May 19th. Oh and check us out on Thirsty Thursdays with Chad and Elloit May 17th