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There are so many different types of music. I love country music! I have grown up singing it. I remember as a little girl locking myself in my room for hours, sometimes all day to just write the lyrics of songs and learn them. It was a dream of mine to make it big one day! I quickly learned motherhood had different dreams for me:) I now have a beautiful 6 year old daughter who loves singing as much as I do. She sings with me every chance she gets! I let go of the being famous dream and settled for being a mommy and being famous in a small town! So in a way both dreams came true:) I love singing for people. I love to see their faces when I start singing...it makes me feel good, even if I touch a life a day its better than not touching any ones life at all. I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I hope to spend the rest of my life with that sings amazingly also. He and I have sang together some:) I love just sitting around and singing to things that he plays.... or just karaoke tracks I have. I have had many bands and sang on many opry stages. I have done American Idol and many other contests... but in the end NOTHING will ever me better than singing to my little girl and having her stare at me with her big blue eyes and say mama you sing so pretty I hope I sing just like you when i get bigger. She is my number one fan and I am hers:) Never take anything for granted! Sing your heart out even if it is for your loved ones. Because somewhere someone is always listening!