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Software used in the recording of "Tribal winds"

Tribal Winds by Daniel Rae Costello Release date march 12th 2011 www.danielrae.com

Bula and hello fellow musicians, programmers, producers and audio engineers.

The following is a list of Host Recording Platforms and VST Plugins used in the making of "Tribal Winds"

Programming Host - FL Studio 9 Recording Host - Cubase 3

System - FL rewired into Cubase

VSTI's - Sample tank 2.5, Zero G Sounds of Polynesia, Sytrus, Philamonik, Atmosphere, Ezy Drummer, Hypersonic, FL various soundfonts and loops. Real Guitar 2, Virtual Guitarist acc/elec

FX - Timeworks delay, CRS Plate reverb, Autotune 4

Mastering - Host Platform Wavelab, Waves maxibass, TC Works graphic EQ, Steinberg stereo expander, Timeworks mastering Compressor Waves L3 Limiter

Bula to all

Bula everyone :)

Just wanted to first say thank you to all of you for signing up to my mailing list / Street teams and becoming fans. I'm truly humbled by all the great comments and I appreciate each and everyone of you for your support and encouragement.

Just a reminder that my New album "Tribal Winds" is due for release in March this year and that will be available here at "ReverbNation" as well as my official website www.danielrae.com All of you on my 'Street Team" will receive this album free of charge by way of a download link as soon as the album is ready. All i ask is that you please continue to post my widgets and players on all your sites, networks,(facebook, twitter,myspace) and share everything you can with whoever you can. Also, songs and albums that are not yet available here at Reverbnation are available at my official website.

Thanks again for being part of my music and my life Vinaka :)

Danny Rae