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I have a store!!??

It's true go to the new Simon MacKenzie store at http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_125634 to get sweatshirts, t-shirts and a new physical CD ready and made to ship to you in a couple weeks!

Thanks for all the support!

-Simon MacKenzie

STAY 2.0 V.S STAY 1.0

You get to determine which version "stays" no pun intended and which version is left out in the cold in the depths of memory in my computer Vote by sending me a message on Reverb.


New Recordings

Home, Turn Around, and finally DAYDREAM is up enjoy

I'd "Stay", "If I Could"

The new cuts for Stay and If I Could are in. Daydream is still under "construction" but should be up within the next few days followed by three new songs. Feel free to comment on the new recordings.

-Simon MacKenzie


Hey everyone look for re-recordings of "Daydream" and "If I Could". Also the new recordings of 5 new tracks. All recordings should be uploaded to ReverbNation.com by January 7th. -Simon